Get Here If You Can

There’s some rather unorthodox means of getting to Pop Culture Playpen (and I ain’t talking about railways and caravans and carpet rides).

I don’t always understand the odd things people search for to end up at this website, but I always enjoy looking through them.

Come on a whirlwind tour of this week’s with me, cos you obviously already got here. Somehow.

buffy porn

This does not star Phoebe Buffay, no matter what you might hear to the contrary.

danneel ackles topless

I see we’ve set the smutty tone and we’re sticking to it. At least there’s sex scenes from Ten Inch Hero (not a porno, I swear) to fulfil that request.

anti wedding

I don’t think we’re the ones who particularly have a problem with marriage, television does.

lesbian villain

Willow, on occasion, was one:


Approved of, with added video:

party tangled

Why not buy a crapload of Disney merchandise?

emily scott smoke

She’s a model and she’s looking good…

disney lesbien princesses

Apparently this is the point of The Sims?

young americans dvd

If only! Sigh. At least you can watch complete episodes of this short-lived series on youtube:

calvin and hobbes cartoons about school

Totes relevant, cos Young Americans was set in a school, and Will Krudski (the main character) once made a Calvin and Hobbes joke. And it was funnah.

st. george and the dragon, story 1990

Hate to break it to you, but I think that the legend may be a tad older than that.

disney movie about horses

The Littlest Horse Thieves? Ride A Wild Pony? Home on the Range? BE MORE SPECIFIC.

dean winchester hairstyle

Study the changes in his hair at the Superwiki.

restaurant 100pourcent boeuf

I assume the restaurant in Ratatouille only allowed the finest ingredients, even if they did have rats in the kitchen.


Is that a female shoe? How about Margot the ballerina/ballet pump from The Shoe People?

fit girl in your highness

Don’t let Natalie and/or Zooey lure you in- Your Highness is a dreadful film.

my little pony furry porn


oscar the grouch made of weed

I see what you’re saying…

dean winchester e le bariste

Is someone writing French fanfiction about Dean Winchester and our very own Miss Barista?

cowboys and angels nudity

I can see why you’d want to get this lot- our mascots Cowboy Jensen and Cowboy Jared, plus their mate Misha playing the angel Castiel- nekkid…

jensen ackles naked twitter

No, no, it’s Jared Padalecki who posts nude photos of himself on twitter:

He just has a picture of Jensen as his profile picture to confuse people. Or so he can look at it all the time. Or something.

group of children

Almost always creepy.

dawsons creek opening credits

I always preferred the versions with ‘Run Like Mad’ to ‘I Don’t Want to Wait’.

smiley birthday bash @country time – aug 20 – pics by: @skyhighhype

Um. This?

hot to style mrs doubtfire hair

Let’s face it, this was one of Robin Williams’ best looks:

christina hendricks tru calling

True story.

sodapop curtis from the outsiders wearing a towel

The best part of The Outsiders:

jane fonda lesbian kiss

Ah, Barbarella, that cultural masterpiece…

benedict cumberbatch stalking

I will aid you in such a mission in exchange for wine, as Miss Penn has discovered.

carnivale why does rita sue spray soda in her vagina?

Hey, let’s not be judging other people’s kinks.

egg laying porn

I can only hope that that’s something Gaga-related, as opposed to chicken flavoured.

nude jensen ackles blog

What gave you that idea?

jared padalecki and michael rosenbaum

There’s no way either of them were sober during this interview. Jensen might’ve been, but he looks hella hungover:

jim parsons fanfiction

Fic about Jim Parsons meeting Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory character he plays. My brain, it has been wrinkled.

daddy’s playpen porn site

That’s just disturbing.

fury porn

The Furies, and their boobs:

my little pony matrix

“amy adams” hot or sexy or nude or naked

I like this unfussy attitude and feel that you ought to be rewarded for it.

cow porn

hendricks christina bobs

Get her bobbed hairstyle for yourself…that is what you were looking for, right?

happy pottep

Huh? Is that some kind of Harry Potter parody? At least it’s got a “don’t worry, be happy” vibe, unlike Barry Trotter.

when was leonard off big bang theory born

Well the actor who plays him, Johnny Galecki, was born in 1975. I’m not sure exactly how old Leonard is supposed to be, but he received his Ph.D. when he was 24, so he has to be older than that.

The Big Bang Theory began airing in September 2007, so in a way isn’t that when all the characters from the show were born?

buffy the vampire slayer characters crying gif

If you want to cry out your hangover pick a particularly depressing episode of Buffy or Angel to watch, like ‘I Will Remember You’.

…why would you want to spend a Sunday doing something other than sobbing after all?

4 thoughts on “Get Here If You Can

  1. Hmph. Where my comment go? Anyways what I said was: love this, have begun to love Ackles’ Friends with Benefits, think JarPad is a total dork and amazed he is on Twitter. Oh and is JenAck on Twitter too?!

    Only more eloquently of course.

  2. You’re always eloquent, baby! Glad you’re coming round to the Friends With Benefits/Danneel love, was it the N’Orleans episode that swung you?

    Sadly Jackles isn’t on twitter yet (though who needs him, his wife is clearly more entertaining), and at least Jarpad’s profile picture is representin’!

    • I GOTS PSYCHIC SKILLZ. So guess what I forced people to watch today!

      Totally on the Mardi Gras 2013 flex. xxx

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