Animal Passions

grimm monroe + rosalee

I can’t get enough of forbidden love. It’s my favourite kind of romance.  Romeo and Juliet.  Tony and Maria.  Even Donkey and Dragon from Shrek.

Forbidden love is making its way into one of my favorite TV shows: Grimm. In case you’ve never watched, Grimm is the story about supernatural creatures called wesen who masquerade as humans.  Apparently, Portland Oregon is brimming with them!  Most wesen are evil and prey on the unwary, and homicide detective Nick Burkhardt, who also happens to be descended from a group of human hunters called Grimms, takes them out.

grimm nick

However, a few wesen are adorable.

My favorite couple on the show are an oddly matched couple: vegetarian, clock-maker Monroe, who is a kind of werewolf called a blutbad, and his girlfriend Rosalee who is a fox creature called a fuchsbau.  Their awkward friendship has bloomed into an oh-so-sweet romance.  Together, the two of them are cuter than a viral kitten meme.

grimm monroe rosalee picnic

But there’s a problem.  See, wesen are a bit xenophobic, and the idea of a blutbad dating, much less marrying, a fuchsbau has Monroe’s parents in a frenzy.  They do not want to see their son stooping to marry outside of his species.

grimm monroe rosalee wesen

To further complicate things, Rosalee might not be able to get past the whole blutbad/fuchsbau thing either.  She’s too worried about what people might say.  And forget having children!  Monroe has sworn his love for her, but she just may walk away, thinking that she’s saving him from future troubles.

Although most of the show is dedicated to police officers who hunt down murderous wesen, this charming romance is what makes me tune in each week. I’m not sure what the future holds for my two favorite characters, but it sure is fun to watch events unfold.

I’m hoping that the series will continue to develop this unlikely romance, and that love will conquer all.  If nothing else, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sweep’s week wedding!

Michelle Scott is the author of Straight to Hell, published by Carina UK.

One thought on “Animal Passions

  1. I love this, so cute – just like Monroe and Rosalee! When is Grimm coming back to gimme more?! Feels like it’s been on hiatus for ages!

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