The end of days

A week today Miss Thropist and I will be drowning in a vat of spiced liqueurs and roasted meats. As our stomachs will be too distended to approach our computers, this is our last chance in 2011 to mock our strange search termers. Here are the words and phrases that most frequently directed unseemly folks to our little corner of the interwebs in the past 12 months.

dragon (32,247) and dragons (1,612) and dragon pictures (1,529)

I often think that we should give up writing about anything other than dragons. You guys just can’t get enough of them! My favourite dragon moment of 2011 is Games of Thrones’ Daenerys Taergaryen emerging from a pyre with a baby dragon on her shoulder.

family (2,507)

We are family! This makes me reflect on the Christmas specials of my favourite shows. The Parks and Recreation crew gave me the warmest and fuzziest warm and fuzzies, with their good-hearted attempts to cheer Leslie up. They’re the best kind of TV family.

santana glee (2,342)

This year Glee seems to be properly waking up to Santana’s awesomeness, and giving her a lioness’ share of screentime. I’m not completely buying her coming out storyline, but I am appreciating the multitude of opportunities to enjoy her fabulous voice.

furry porn (1,751)


disney porn (1,728) and disney (1,192)

We seem to  have exhausted of our supply of free and reasonably amusing Disney porn.  So have a gander at Community’s Annie grinding on Jeff.

haku spirited away (1,410)

Yep. He’s a dragon. Check out Miss Thropist’s treatise on dragons.

amy adams nude (1,306)

Nudity is over-rated. I’d rather gaze at Amy Adams in Enchanted mode, wearing a wonderful dress and evoking that other Disney royal redhead, Ariel.

jensen ackles naked (1,274) and jensen ackles nude (1,170)

We have also exhausted our supply of naked and nude Jensen, sadly. But here is he on his way to that special place you all long to visit…

batman (1,250)

There’s only half a year to wait until The Dark Knight Rises! Miss Thropist and I planned to write the screenplay but somehow never got around to it. But there’ll be another reboot.

disney princess (1,035)

The Disney princesses wish you a very Merry Christmas! I’m looking forward to a new addition to the megabucks merchandising line, in the form of a butt-kicking elfess.

cyrano de bergerac (947)

D’yall long for a prosthetically-blessed man to sort out your love life? Why not watch the Cyrano-inspired Roxanne, and recall a time when Steve Martin made amusing films.

See you in 2012!

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