Searching in the rain

It has been raining like nobody’s business around here, and I have been reduced to a coughing, sniveling mess, devouring Parks & Recreation and Berocca by the bucketload. Fortunately, mocking those who have somehow found their way to PCP by dubious means – aka freaky search terms – is going a long way to brightening my rainy day.

natalie portman scarlett johansson kiss

Hello hot stuffs. These Boleyn girls take sisterhood very seriously. And just a bit incestuously.

kiss lesbian hot puu

This is a Puu/Pu, a spirit beast from anime YuYu Hakusho. It will transform into a phoenix. It may well be a lesbian.

fetish lesbian in chiffon

The L Word’s Kate Moennig in a dress. She may not be looking very Shane today, but she’s still rather sexy.

sexy washing up lesbians

Lesbians like to clean!

incest scene from carnivale series

Carnivale is full of disturbing incest. Brother Justin and Iris were totally getting it on.

phoebe friends black hair

Shock! Horror! Lisa Kudrow is really a brunette!

calvin and hobbes coffee

“stylised-punk princess”

You can buy everything you need to replicate this look at Hot Topic.

nude naked penis eye candy


teenage penis and teen penis and porn teens and hot teenage mens porn all

This seems appropriate. Or really really inappropriate. Disney has a sick sense of humour.
naked straight 

What? Have some more penis candy.

cut down “hanged girl”

Oh Daisy. This is the saddest scene in Girl, Interrupted – and why I can’t listen Skeeter Davis’ “The End of the World” without crying. RIP Brittany Murphy.

fire and ice porn

The 80s were a great time for sexy cartoons.

quinton no penis nip tuck

This man has NO PENIS.

cobie smulders hair so ugly

When she’s Robin Sparkles, maybe. But Robin Sparkles is so awesome that it shouldn’t matter!

johnny depp drag

Johnny Depp as Bon Bon in Before Night Falls. Delicious!

old man grabbing ass

Where there is a young ass to be grabbed, there is usually a Hugh Hefner.

religious man spanking naughty boy

There is a surprising absence of priests spanking boys on Google Image Search. But I’m sure this man is religious.

corner time spanking time

jensen ackles having sex with misha collins and misha and jensen gay


jensen ackles in western hat

I wondered when I was going to get to insert our mascot Cowboy Jensen in a somewhat logical manner. Voila!

3 thoughts on “Searching in the rain

  1. Loooooooooove. So many lesbians, and so many penises and somehow they’re not mutually exclusive!

  2. I agree Holly. not quite sure why the sence form but im a cheerleader didnt amke it for sexy washing up lesbian.

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