A Sunday kind of love

Passion seems to be in the air. At least for William and Kate, and for those stumbling upon our humble blog via dubious search terms, looking for everything from wedding dresses and small screen studs to twincest and pornography of children’s cartoons.

Perhaps it’s Royal Wedding Fever.  Maybe it’s the titillating displays of sunburned flesh and unpedicured toes that herald the British summer.

While I may not be caught up in all this twitterpation, royal or otherwise, I do have a way of showing my own special kind of Sunday love for you, dear readers. It might be more akin to pulling your hair in the playground than serving up a candlelit dinner… but trust me, it’s all meant affectionately.

queen elizabeth wedding concept

The sudden interest in what Queen Elizabeth II wore way back when (1947) is definitely linked to Friday’s nuptials, as it’s similar to Kate’s gown. It was designed by Court Dressmaker Norman Hartnell and inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera.

bride porn incest

I’ve just started watching new HBO high fantasy series Game of Thrones, based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series, and it seems to fulfill all the above points. Particularly with exiled royals Viserys and Daenerys, who come from a culture that highly regards marriages between brothers and sisters.

which disney princess got married

A better question would be which Disney princess didn’t get married. Even Pocahontas was wed by the sequel.

trickster disney princesses

“Trickster” is more Norse god than Disney princess, but Rapunzel was the best at subterfuge. She managed to blackmail a thief into taking her on a trip and convince her adoptive mother to go on a wild-goose/paint-materials chase, all so she could see some floating lanterns.

“fairytale sex”

I can’t think of a better time in recent memory to get your fix of “fairytale sex”, whether on the small or silver screen. To name a few, there’s the aforementioned Game of Thrones, Red Riding Hood (pictured above) and Your Highness, which apparently has more penis jokes than bong hits.

pretty women in suits and a bit freaky

Maybe that should be a bit pretty and a lot freaky. Those hats. That facial expression.

french girls on beaches

Virginie Ledoyen, as Etienne, Leo’s love interest in (and on) The Beach.

mature women armpits

Also comes with a mature male armpit. Royal razors not included.

lack of girls attention 

If you’re not a prince or “diamond in the rough”, you’re unlikely to capture female hearts.

slutty girl next door

I’m not sure you can get sluttier than being a porn star, as played by Elisha Cuthbert in The Girl Next Door. Oh, except, of course, if you’re one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on The Girls Next Door TV show.

google; jensen ackles photos

Ha! I bet you were wondering when I was going to shoehorn in our mascots jared padalecki cowboy and jensen ackles cowboy. A strangely typed-in Google command seemed as good an opportunity as any.

Also see: jensen ackles is cowboy, jensen ackles cowbo, dean winchester cowboyjensen acklesjensen ackles gaysexy jensen acklesjensen ackles sexy, jensen ackles gay?, supernatural jensen , jensen ackles model, jensen ackles model pose, jensen ackles sexy face, jensen gay, supernatural jensen ackles, jensen ackles the best photosjared and jensen gay

dean winchester smokes weed

Perhaps. He seems more of a Purple Nurple kind of guy to me.

jared padalecki armpits

hot sexy twins gay

Tegan and Sara are looking rather Shane today, aren’t they?

skinny dipping twins

I believe these are the twins Hugh Hefner used to date. I wonder if their threesomes counted as incest.

code name to search for porn in google

Tthis probably refers to the code words that would point you to actual child pornography. We’ll never be able to help you with that. This goes for http://www.tena sexfuck girles.com and crazy 14yo chikz webcam screenshot too. You’ll get caught.

googled all over her facebook

feminist pop culture

We’ve got this by the barrel at PCP. For starters, take a look-see at Miss Thropist’s review of a feminist fairytale, Ms Elaine E. Ouse’s analysis of high fashion and Miss Barista guide to Goddessliness.

sapphics unicorns

This is a lesbian unicorn given to fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe hearts girls.

dorky fag

barbie cowboy ken

Ken tries, and fails, to give Cowboys Jensen and Jared a run for their money.


Awww, these critters are cute as. This is partially why their momma is one of Miss Thropist’s top dragons.

despite the depression the popularity of cartoon features as a source of escapism made characters such as mickey mouse and bugs bunny

There is something inherently cheering about a bunny chilling on the beach with a carrot.

thomas friends porn

Back in 1999, kids searching for Thomas  and friends would often come across porn instead. And now people searching for porn find us – and Thomas.

cool boy cartoon

I found Nicholas, the magician’s apprentice from The Care Bears Movie incredibly cool, and kinda hot too. I evidently had questionable taste in men from an early age.

nude its a kind of magic porn

Why you’d want to see these crazed-looking French cartoon characters naked is completely beyond me. Although one does kind of look like Judy Jetson, and she’s almost up there with Jessica Rabbit.

don’t worry they don’t feel pain the way we do cartoon

One of the many reasons Miss Elaine E. Ouse is a vegetarian. That and Farthing Wood.

1950 roddy topsy composite doll

Creepy! “Roddy Topsy” dolls reigned in 1950s and took their name from a character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

police puppet illustrations

whe will ted meet mother of his children

Any time between now and May 2013. Hmmph. I really thought we’d know by now, and whether me or Miss Thropist had guessed right. We’ve been waiting so long that we’re becoming convinced that the mother is no more than a womb to incubate said children.

scott bakula quantum leap bathing suit and scott bakula quantum leap diaper

See my love letter to Quantum Leap for more images of Mr. B in amusing costumes.

robert sheehan gay kiss

who’s replacing nathan in misfits

Some dude called Rudy. No word on who’ll be playing him, but he better be bringing the pretty and the potty mouth. And yet not be a Nathan clone somehow.

chuck bass manips

As much as I love Chuck Bass, there’s a reason he wears strange vintage bathing suits.

sheldon cooper drawing

By Neil Davies. Have you violated his Roommate agreement?

minor millipede character on buffy

I don’t believe there is a minor millipede character, at least not on the TV series. Maybe it was so minor that I didn’t even see it! Or maybe there’s some grub-type thing in non-canon Buffy comic “Out of the Woodwork”, which is roughly set around Season 4.

carnivale cripple

Oy! He has a name! Clayton Jones, aka Jonesy, played by Tim DeKay. And he’s a better man than you’ll ever be.

robert downey jr only yo

Swooon. Only You is the film that first turned me onto the magic of RDJ. If you haven’t seen this thoroughly old-fashioned romance, which is slightly magical and less predictable than you’d think, then you must. Trust me – you won’t regret it.

sex jump

Wow, this comes with strippers! Get your own at Camelot Castles.

lesbians touching in each others vaginas while kissing and as i an iesbians sexy kissi ng.

I’ll never tire of this particular Search Term Sunday mantra: if you can’t type it, we’re unlikely to let you look at it. (Also if it’s super gross and exploitative.)

which facebook australia site do straight men gossip about lesbians 2011?

I do not know. But I’m getting the impression men in Australia (or perhaps the world over) would do well to stop fixating on/gossiping about lesbians in 2011, as an Australian party company recently banned straight men from attending their lesbian/bisexual parties.

drag kings tube socks

There is a serious shortage of drag kings with visible tube socks on Google Images! But I assume this would be suitable for their purposes.

hallelujah brother. i’m hear to comfort the sinner and return the stray lamb to the fold.

Run a spell checker through that, and I believe you’re talking about a speech from Cat Ballou, one of Miss Thropist’s old favourites.

anti littering posters

Gross out and guilt is always the way to go with these sorts of campaigns.

white at the end of pulled hair

More typically know as the “hair bulb“. I’ve wondered about it from time to time, but never enough to look it up. I feel so filled with smarts right now.

pictures of lenten pie

Mmm, I almost wish I’d observed Lent like a good Catholic so I could decadently break it with this Kent Lent Pie. It’s like a baked cheesecake and you can find a recipe here.  Find more pie lovers to commune with here.

3 thoughts on “A Sunday kind of love

  1. Well done busylady! What’s up with the twin vibes this week?!

    And what’s your verdict on Game of Thrones?

  2. I know! The twin vibes MIGHT be because of Game of Thrones, which has a pair of scheming ones. And I’m liking GoT! There’s a lot going on to detangle, but in a good way. It’s like Lord of the Rings with much more family saga.

    • Hmm maybe I should check it out, I’ve been hearing good stuff about it. Will have to wait until after I’m done with Felicity though!

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