Early dawning, Sunday morning

Sundays always seem to come too soon, and with them the sad knowledge that the weekend has to end. Nonetheless they can still be a day of fun, and of pouring over the search terms that lead people here of course.

jared leto dawson’s creek foto

This I cannot provide, because he was never in Dawson’s Creek.

eliza dushku lesbian

There was rather a lot of lesbian subtext in season three of Buffy

jensen ackles gay

I think you have the wrong Ackles, it’s his wife Danneel who’s always playing gay characters.

dean winchester plasters

Dean gets attacked by a little girl in the midst of a doctor phase:

fetish sex sniffing armpit of women

It’s a thing:

jared padalecki smoking

Smoking hot maybe…

spirited horse

Horse riding is hard!

slither movie cast nude

Uh, here’s naked Nathan Fillion. From Firefly rather than Slither:

masturbate sneeze

Is it normal? Find out here

lesbian postmodern pictures

How about some Badly Drawn Dykes from lesbianneurotica:

the oc sexualisation

It was supposed to be a sexier Dawson’s Creek but it wasn’t really all that wild. Luckily there’s always Mischa Barton being trashy:

fu jiang is a twinkie bitch

I have no idea who we’re talking about, but my gosh, what an E number loving skank!

the l word shane glasses

elizabeta silver hotpants

No idea what the Elizabeta thing’s about, but these are hotpants and they’re silver and that’ll just have to do.

compare/contrast time burton/lewis carroll

In my opinion: Lewis Carroll = excellent, Tim Burton = meh. As for Time Burton? I’ve got no clue.

slavery “bruno latour”

There’s some Bruno Latour fangirling going on around here, fo shizzle.

emily browning poosay

I’m just saying no to badly spelt porn, but look at her adorable little faaaaaace!

nip tuck make down

Does a penis reduction count as a “make down”? Whether it does or not, Misha Collins bending around all over the place definitely counts as something that should be posted all over the internet.

1950 roddy topsy composite doll

I’m so glad the floodgates have been opened for images of these freaky dolls:

what kind of porn do lesbians like

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest…lesbian porn?

roald dahl standing with all of his carecters

You are aware that his characters are fictional, yes? Here’s the next best thing:

calvin and hobbs global warming

dean winchester cowboy hat

Say hello to Cowboy Jensen and Cowboy Jared! And their cowboy hats.

barbie lesbians

Lesbian Barbies seem kind of…slutty.

reichstag dome design: eye of god

Pretty pretty glass dome:

actor korean six packs

Lee Byung-hun… UNF.

pancake princess sabrina the teenage witch

Sabrina became addicted to pancakes in a storyline that seemed a lot more realistic than the way a lot of shows portray drugs.

superhero knives fingers

Wolverine? Adamantium claws are kind of like knives, and he’s more of a superhero than Edward Scissorhands.

‘colour is reserved as symbolism for the artificial persona of a mainstream culture’ ref tim burton

Tim Burton is supposedly releasing a Wizard of Oz sequel,  and anything about reserving colour automatically makes me think of the switch from black and white to colour when Dorothy arrives amongst the Munchkins.

my little pony friendship is magic meme one of you will betray me

But they’re so cute! How could there be any betrayals?

the west wing donna underwear

Not as pervy as it sounds, trust me. In ‘The Leadership Breakfast’ Donna wears the same pair of trousers two days in a row, and her underwear from the day before is tangled in the legs. They then fall out when she’s meeting an important person, who posts them back to her boss- cos she’d helpfully sewn her name into them.

how old is cynthia ettinger?

I have no idea, let’s focus on the important question instead: how gorgeous in Cynthia Ettinger? The correct answer, FYI, is “very”.

did buffy and angel get married

Only in dreams.

sam and dean gag real

They have really been gagged in the course of the show, but if you’re after a Supernatural gag reel instead, and I can see why you would be, here’s season one’s:

burt and ernie kurt and blaine

Who’s the gayest?

written on boobs

high heel top view model t stance

looking like hank moody

Apparently David Duchovny looks like Richard Gere, I guess I can kind of see it:

quinn glee hot

Pretty, pretty Dianna Agron:

you look so shane today

Just about the highest compliment there is to bestow.

danneel ackles sex


barbie and ken sex photo

I’m starting to think that all Barbies are kinda slutty, regardless of their sexuality.

marvin gayer

blair waldorf lesbian kiss

A bit of a stretch…

If you want to see Leighton Meester locking lips with a lady I suggest you check out The Roommate. Especially cos said lady is Danneel Ackles.

robin on how i met your mother real name

Robin Sparkles. duh.

is anne dudek on weeds?

No, but if I had my way she’d be in everything. Make it happen Jenji!

dean winchester twin peaks

Dean in Supernatural and Dale in Twin Peaks share a love of pie. They’re good men.

glee brunette cheerleader

That’d be the fabulous Santana:

disney princesses in “real life” situations. in addition to jasmine fighting in the war, cinderella is an alcoholic, snow white is in an unhappy marriage, and little red riding hood got fat. ah, life.

More of these mildly depressing images here.

glee kurt likes boys

This is true. He’s even got the t-shirt to prove it:

rule 34 supernatural

I don’t think you specifically need to search for Supernatural porn, Sam and Dean stumbled upon slash fanfiction when they discovered their fandom.

sew and the city

A rather dull Sex and the City spin-off perhaps?

he man riding a tiger

Battle Cat!

spike angel gay

Certainly in Buffy’s fantasies…

gtfo meaning

Get the fuck out.

played twins jensen ackles and james cameron

Nah, I don’t think they could get away with it. Jensen did play twins in James Cameron’s Dark Angel however.

ted mosby funny face

He’s not pulling a face, that’s just how he looks.


I don’t really understand how that brought you here…

roald dahl matilda by quentin blake chapter wise summery notes and characters discription chapter no.11

This maybe? I hope reading more improves your spelling anyway.

jane austen spanking

There’s plenty of violence in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

spn fanfic dean bela blowjob

Here’s a Dean/Bela fic community. See, finding Supernatural smut is as easy as breathing.

creepy pic when your stoned

At least there’s no axe.

jensen ackles my little pony

Ride ’em, cowboy!

getting rid of the beard ted mosby

Yes Ted, it’s time to ditch the beard and finally come out of the closet!

dean winchester and weed

Since he seems to think that the point of going to college is so you can “dim the lights and sync up Wizard of Oz to Dark Side of the Moon”, I’m going to go with yeah.

…And on that note I leave you to enjoy a lazy Sunday!

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