I’ve just returned from a weekend in Brighton and should be shattered, but Ms Elaine E. Ouse’s girlfriend has kept me alive by pumping out pop punk and hip hop on the drive back, so I’m hyper enough for another Search Term Sunday!

It’s time to nose around and look at what search terms have led people to Pop Culture Playpen this week… And then to mock them.

misfits nathan in suit

He’s more commonly seen in an orange jumpsuit but here ya go:

And as usual there were several armpit related searches, but I think lesbians porn free web sites of arm pit licking and kissing was the most inventive. We still don’t have any though.

So here’s tyra banks armpits to make up for it:

daniel conn naked

No idea who he is and doubt we’ve written much about Australian rugby, but we are fans of nudity:

1950s spanking fetish porn

Bringing a new meaning to the phrase spank bank…

natalie portmans straight eyebrows

I can’t say that I’ve ever given her eyebrows much thought but apparently other people have, and her eyebrows even have a fan group on Facebook.

“mystery men” shrink clothes

A good excuse for having shrunk your clothes in the wash, just blame it on the mystery men.

angel kiss lesbian wings

I’m assured that this is completely factual.

pushing daisies tits

I think you may have the wrong idea about this show, it was all good, clean fun!

jensen ackles cowboy hat

Here’s a tease of an image of Jared and Jensen from the upcoming cowboy themed episode of Supernatural. Excited? I know I am.

just another manic sunday

A search for a previous edition of Search Term Sunday appearing in this one? That’s pretty meta. Unless you were looking for the song, in which case you’re doing it wrong.

evil seth cohen

How very dare you? Seth Cohen is the embodiment of all that is good in the world. Adam Brody’s role in Jennifer’s Body was somewhat evilicious however.

jared jensen tree beanie

Here’s a picture of Jared trying to climb Jensen like a tree while wearing a beanie, if that doesn’t fill the criteria I don’t know what would:

who framed roger rabbit porn

I don’t think Monsieur Rabbit was being framed for anything porn related, and it’s not like there was anything sexual about that kid’s film.


That’s pretty much my view of the hand-holding in WALL-E, although I don’t think I actually used the word “rapey”.

plucked pussy

That’s just nasty.


If it’s your surname there’s a genealogy website that might be able to help you out with historical Brert records, we don’t have any here.

it’s a kind of magic disney porn

Being a fan of Disney porn is one thing, but describing it as a kind of magic seems to be taking things a bit far.

ted mosby blonde hair

Not a good look, although let’s face it- what is on Ted?

jetson porno

That was pretty much my reaction too.

corpse bride big nose

The girl’s already got to deal with being dead, do we really need to start making personal comments too?

ass.jpg threat

I like the idea that the digital age has given as new forms of blackmail. As in “if you don’t do the dishes I’m going to tag that picture of your ass on Facebook”.

disney porn jasmine and ariel slave auction

That sounds like an educational scenario for children of all ages to act out with their toys:

jared and jensen personal saviours

That totally seems to be a more accurate description of them than “giant dorks”.

what color is robert sheehan eyes

Grey-ish? But more importantly what’s wrong with your subject-verb agreement?

chuck bartowski incest

Has Chuck gotten weirder since I stopped watching?

sleeping beauty sleeping on back

Talk about redundant googling, it’s much more of a challenge to find a picture of her sleeping in any other position.

dean i sam winchester – brother fighter

Eh, let’s not worry about sentence construction when there’s an excuse to post Supernatural pictures:

lesbians girl look like man and woman kissin black

avril lavigne’s siblings used to make fun of her singing hot sex kissing

I fully believe the first part of that- she can’t sing so everyone ought to be making fun of her singing. I’m not sure her siblings ought to be judging her ability to kiss and have sex however.

wow screenshot high society top hat

I choose to believe that “wow” is an exclamation of surprise and has nothing to do with World of Warcraft.

essentialist cartoons

So much good material to choose from…


disney aldin spells the word sex

There’s all kinds of Disney rumours which, ironically, are easier to find out about if you can actually spell.

huge get well soon baskets for teens

Perfect for the alcoholic teenager in your life.

crazy cartoons jungles tribes cannibal in wonderland

telling off with pointing cartoon

helena bonham carter dawson’s creek

…things that were once quirky and interesting but became incredibly irritating?

wanted to buy blackpepperseeds

Well go ahead! You also might want to figure out how to use the space bar.

supernatural star gay brother

fic jensen is a porn star jared operates a fucking machien

Here’s a rec list that might help.

pictures of j.k rowling and her kids and husb

Posting pictures of people’s families seems a bit invasive, so how about you instead compare and contrast Rowling with Janel Moloney, cos I feel that they really could be related:

ed westwick smoking


Ackles has been modelling for quite some time.

young men dressed in the shakespearean time

seks cartoon scooby doo

No-one who spells that badly should be rewarded with porn.

calvin and hobbs cartoon strip for anomaly

A tad anomalous I suppose, I think I’ve only mentioned Calvin and Hobbes when I was talking about Young Americans. I still don’t think that bad spelling ought to be rewarded, but I’d much rather post this than Scooby Doo porn, so:


gay gay gay porn dirty

barbie adverts tie dye barbie

Hippie Barbie!

jensen ackles smoke

what disney princes teach men about attracting woman

Nothing good apparently. Ms Elaine E. Ouse also thinks it teaches women to find men with bum chins attractive.

fotos da novela days of our lives, jensen ackles

awful porn

That shit’s traumatic.

was jared leto in buffy?


river tam naked

There’s a girl in a box!

slither movie sex scens

There’s several of the gross variety.

cordelia chase sexy ass

law and order criminal intent copies o efeences tote moie black swan

Just attempting to decipher that gave me a headache.

how to draw jensen ackles

Get good at art?

cowboy male stripper

Cowboy Jared kissing a cock time!

mila kunis black swan lesbian torrent

Heterophobic torrents?

supernatural sam tourching dean

I’m gonna interpret that as touching…

barbie brunette big boobs

…well she’s a brunette at least.

I’m afraid that I’m suddenly out of energy, and you’ll have to find/imagine a large breasted brun Barbie yourself.

5 thoughts on “Sun-dazed

  1. I feel that the Cowboy SPN episode is being made just for us! And SHOULD provide us with a fresh supply of Cowboy Jensen… just in time, too.

    Very well done for prevailing despite the Brightonfest last night.


    • I feel like it’s being made for us too! I just got to watch the latest ep and it was GLEEFULLY FANTASTIC (although there was a woeful lack of Danneel), and there was a poster of cowboy Jared in his house!

      Disney princes are creepy…eugh realised I shoulda made some of those cartoon images larger but am too sleepy to do anything about it. My entire body hurts, I really am too old for this shit…especially sleeping on the floor without enough space to stretch my legs out.

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