Taking Back Sunday

It’s time for another Search Term Sunday, and this week I’ve wrested back control from Ms Elaine E. Ouse who likes to tell you lies about my birthday.

(Or maybe she’s just not available to bully into doing it for me. Whatever.)

Anyway, it’s certainly time to investigate the strangeness of the search terms which led people to the site this week:

supernatural jensen no clothes, jensen ackles naked, jensen ackles, jensen ackles naked gaynaked jensen acklesjason ackles nude, jensen ackles nudo, jensen ackles full nude, jensen ackles+naked and jensen ackles but naked

With persistence like that, you deserve some topless Ackles at the very least:

jared let

…Jensen say his lines rather than interrupting with laughter and farts?

miss high heels book

Not one of our Playmates. Yet.

neil patrick harris naked and neil patrick harris nude

While he didn’t get nekkid during the opening number of the Tony Awards, he did rip off his clothes:

“sweater fetish”

I think Rachel may have one:

jared padalecki cowboyjared jensen cowboy and sam winchester cowboy

Well howdy, Cowboy Jared.

reading is sexy jason ackles

Obviously reading is sexy (especially when you’re reading about yourself being full frontal) but what’s this “Jason” stuff about? If you’re going to mess with Jensen Ackles’ name you may as well just marry him off to Jared, as TV Guide did.


The way that Grim Reaper Georgia Lass appeared to the living after her death in Dead Like Me. That’d be the scary looking one on the right by the way:

jensen ackles e jared bobos

“Bobos” is apparently Portuguese for “fools”. I don’t know where anyone would get that idea about them.

most beautiful gay male porn stars

This picture of Ron Jeremy is truly a thing of beauty, and hella gay:

toilet peeing naked girls

You can’t go wrong with Jenny McCarthy.

jensen ackles on a horsejensen ackles cowboy hat supernatural, jensen ackles and horse and jensen ackles on a pony

You’ve gotta love our mascot Cowboy Jensen, even if he’s looking mildly constipated.

nathan misfits orgasm face gif


How did you know?

uneven 6 pack


transgendered models

Isis King was the first trans woman to appear on America’s Next Top Model.

blonde british model dressed like a doll

Here’s a doll (supposedly) dressed as Sienna Miller instead:

how to make button eye glasses

The discerning Coraline fan could buy a button glasses necklace, or try some DIY.

christina aguilera has no butt

How very dare you?!

ian somerhalder daughter

I don’t think he has one. Sorry.

straight men in trouble : superhero stripped & man handled

That’s pretty much what happened in the first episode of Young Americans.

sexy minnie mouse drinking coffee

Combine those two images, and you’ve almost got it!

lady dressed as fred from scooby doo

How about a lady dressed as Daphne instead?

magnifying glass stuff

A magnifying glass and some…stuff.

granny jensen sex

Whut? I’m hoping that’s an awful typo and it’s supposed to say “Danny Jensen tandem”.

highgate cemetery alphabet

It’s got some letters of the alphabet anyway.

how big is jensen ackles dick

6’4. He’s called Jared and likes to be obnoxious in interviews.

jensen ackles kissed a girl

And he liked it? Although not as much as Dean Winchester liked torturing souls, natch.

eva mendes fanfiction

Here you go.


has glee’s kurt got teeth?

Yuss, Porcelain has teeth. There’s even fic about them!

disney porn treasure planet

Here, have a barely clothed Jim Hawkins:

world map new yorknew york world map and world map u.s.a

Wow that’s some intense Americocentrism.

unpopular baseball players

Well Dana’s claim that she thought she was baseball star Darryl Strawberry was rather unpopular with the staff of the mental institute she was in in the play The Sweetest Swing in Baseball

beautiful and lovable cartoon like baby angel picture to draw on chart

You know what’s a cute thing to have on a chart? Pie.

dubious clothes

Pretty much anything from the early seasons of Buffy is definitely a contender.

fliking off boss cartoons


dean winchester arm porn

henry winkler crying

The shades are there to hide his secret sniffly shame.

dysney porn and dizni porno

I think your spelling might have made poor Henry start crying in the first place.

high heels 

rule 34 of the internet

dean barista winchester

Dean Winchester has a healthy appreciation for coffee, and Miss Barista has a healthy appreciation for him.

amanda palmer eyebrows close up

gossip girl blair expression surprise

Yeah, yeah maybe she can do a good shocked face, but it’s not a patch on Danny Glover’s from Community:

pop culture dreams

‘Restless’- my favourite episode of Buffy– is pretty much all dreams, all the time.

dean winchester fashion

You can have his trendy look for yourself!

not bad-looking creative thinker. geek over eye-candy, hands down. sensible, responsible thing

Here have a picture of Marti Noxon, cos she’s pretty and smart.

“pied in the face”

Bugsy Malone has plenty of that.

mickey mouse meets barbie

jew or jewish porn

Community‘s Annie would be pleased that you used the whole word at least.

resemblance chuck bass and his mother

They have the same faaaace!

a girl doctor

Lisa Cuddy is all woman.

dragoart monkey

glass pop culture

I don’t want to hear anything about glass houses and stones. Pffft.

super barbie lace chocolate

This looks much less appetising than I expected.

alicia witt stuff magazine

Stuff and things, things and stuff.

slut drugs lesbian barbie

people communicate


no panty amature

How can one be an amateur at not wearing underwear? Do they keep forgetting and accidentally getting dressed?

playpen.com intern

Dear April from Parks and Recreation, do you want to come and be our intern instead?

damascus university +professor +oxford +english literature

I think that’d be Abdul-Nabi Isstaif.

girl gets pregnant from dead guy

Well Darla was knocked up by a vampire…

drogon picture

Here have a picture of Drogyn (from Angel) instead:

gtfo rand.gif

totes just ran through ferngully. and no phone i didn’t mean to spell fur holloway

I can’t tell if this person or delusional or bitching about their phone’s autocorrect.

i hate greece

Why? Greece is lovely! Grease, on the other hand, is horrible.

jared and jensen canucks

They go all Canadian in the Supernatural season 1 gag reel (from around the 2:40 mark).

jared and jensen sandwich shop

I’ll provide the sandwiches, you bring the shop.

bulling wife forces husband to be a little toddler girl eat baby food and kept in a playpen as punishment

That almost sounds like something that Clara might do to her husband in The Guild.

google socks

funny pics of supersymmetry

Are we talking about the Angel episode? Cos that was rather lacking in the funnies department…

sam and dean twin moments supernatural

man group

From support groups to fight clubs, it was a very homosocial film.

real mermaids

Mermaids are real.

young americans hamilton et jake ❤

These two were too adorable for words.

i fucked your girlfriend fonz

And on that revelatory note, I wish you a happy Sunday.

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