Sunday spanking

You lot are very, very naughty. Judging by this week’s scandalous search terms, anyway. Fortunately, I’m in the mood for a little Sunday spice, so on this occasion, I’ll be turning the other cheek – instead of smacking YOUR cheeks – and indulging you dirty Googlers. Well, more or less.

But next time… you might just be in for a spanking.

sapanking fetish

Don’t tempt me. And learn to spell.

roger hargreaves sex

It would have been Mr Men creator Roger Hargreaves’ 76th birthday on Monday 9 May. The fact he’s been dead for more than two decades hasn’t seemed to put people off finding sexual images of him. Have a pair of Mr. Men trunks instead.

deadman top hat hunting

Your hunt for the Deadman top hat Johnny Depp wore in Jim Jarmusch film Dead Man is over.

chubby bubbly girl trump

Ivanka Trump may be bubbly, and even rather bubble-shaped in this pic, but she’s PREGNANT not CHUBBY. People, there is a difference.

gabor bottomless

Yea yea, this probably refers to new Playboy model Emesha Gabor not wearing knickers, but I’d rather show you a classy “bottomless” Zsa Zsa.

jokes about popular culture themes

You are soooo in the right place. We – especially me – are so funny it hurts.

disney characters get sexy, real sexy

We get so many hits from people searching for Disney porn that I think Disney characters aren’t “getting” sexy, they’re already sexy for many just the way they are. But if you disagree, check out J. Scott Campbell’s artwork of sexed up Disney princesses.

disney princess pied in the face

If you piss off Snow White, she WILL pie YOU in the face. Don’t be fooled by that sugar-sweet smile.

avatar rapunzel

Imagine the damage she could inflict with that hair-tail combo. Although I fear for the purity of her chameleon. Hopefully it’s too little to ride.

disney women characters who walk with princes

A lot of Disney women characters walk with princes! Probably the most notable is Ariel who walks because of her love for a prince, swapping her voice for legs.

natural fairies

Fairies aren’t really natural so much as supernatural. But Brian Froud’s book of pressed fairies makes it seem as if you could really capture them in nature, at the bottom of the garden or in a forest.

real mermaids pictures

Dugongs were often mistaken for mermaids back in the day – especially when speared, dried out and presented to a shocked public. Then there’s Fiji mermaids and poor children afflicted with sirenomelia. I’d stick with The Little Mermaid.

campagnolo centaur shifter exploded view

Not nearly as exciting as I thought this would be. Apparently this is some fancy bike thing.

armpit heaven

That would be us apparently, all ye armpit fetishists.

porno tube clone code

You’re going to have to sort out a “clone code” yourself.

diamond twin star

Do you mean the plane or these Diamond twins from Detroit?

anime hunk

We’ve got an awful lot of hunk requests this week. I’m going with my favourite, as it’s an opportunity to share the beauty of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Another time, maybe,  hunks see the dick, hunk liking armpit, hunks cartoons, teen hunks, hunks men masturbate

ren tv pink tv hard tv hustler tv

You may have one of these TVs. Who could resist Hello Kitty pink?

too tight pajamas aaron carter tv

Oh barf. Miss Day used to have the hugest crush on this guy, would you believe it? Luckily, her taste has improved.

blonde teens of the 90s

There are many iconic 90s teens with golden hair, but for me Melissa Joan Hart comes to the fore, whether she’s explaining it all as Clarissa and getting slightly too long in the tooth as a teenage witch.

nathan fillion fat

Ok, dude might look like he has moobs in this still from PG Porn, but dude is NOT fat. Dude has curves in all the right places. (I’ll stop writing dude now.)

jane leeves porn

I’m not sure how blue Jane Leeves has been in the past, but she was certainly rather cheeky in Benny Hill.

chocolates spike angel

Mmmm, I could just eat them up!

what does the tree in the show carnivale represent

Oof. Explaining Carnivale‘s symbolism is no easy thing, least of all on a Sunday. This might help.

michael and leslie aday

Aka Mr. and Mrs. Meatloaf, parents of Carnivale actress Amanda Aday.

dead like me what does mason look like to the living

Older, stubblier and generally not quite as delicious as Callum Blue.

glee fanfic blaine anderson, enema

Oh, Sue Sylvester’s enemas are a knee-slapper.

jason segel with cereal

Why it was so hard for Peter/Jason Segel to forget Sarah Marshall/Kristen Bell.

“misfits” + “the hangover” + nathan

I don’t think Robert Sheehan is in either The Hangover or its upcoming sequel… but he did seem to think the answer to all life’s travails could be found at the bottom of a bottle. Which probably led to a few hangovers.

kristin kreuk boobs

When I think of the lovely Kristin Kreuk, my mind doesn’t typically turn to her rack… but here you go anyway.

worriar cow boy

The Winchesters are certainly worriers, warriors AND cowboys.

Also see: jensen ackles cowboy hatclose ups of teen cowboys, modern cowboy image , jensen ackles cowboy, jensen ackles

nude horseback riding

Also see: jensen ackles nakedjensen ackles penisjensen ackles gay porn hot supernatural, jensen cowboy jared

sam winchester pain

Why do you want to see my sweet Sammy with a booboo?

sam dean figure

jensen jared stuffed animals

scooby doo lesbian kiss

Velma AND Daphne judging by the way they’re eying each other up.

jessica rabbit on her knees

pop culture that displays the american dream

Much of pop culture seems to deconstruct rather than promote the American Dream. Pleasantville is well worth a watch.

andrew mccarthy with his girlfriend

Oh Dolores Rice, you are a lucky, lucky woman.

lucy liu is a sex goddess

Yea, I s’pose. If you like that sort of thing.

some kind of wonderful kiss

annie wood good luck chuck boobs

Thanks for reminding me of one of the worst films ever. Bleurgh.

blow your nose comic

Even 2D superheroes get bogies.

coraline button glasses

Learn how to make your own here.

girls fancy eyebrows

Mrs. Neil Gaiman does some very fancy things with hers!

heels are antifeminist

Maybe. Miss Elaine E. Ouse doesn’t think so.

3 thoughts on “Sunday spanking

  1. Oh i’m so off Aaron Carter after that pic! Gross.

    Loving the few brat pack inclusions this Sunday…Mr McCarthy & Some kind of wonderful! Sets the mood for our rob lowe trip! 🙂

    And who knew you could get Coraline button eye glasses…awesome! X

  2. Hehe I’m liking this sadomasochistic vibe, spank those naughty googlers! And that centaur thing is so much duller than I would’ve thought, sad times.

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