Christmas is coming…

Driving Home for Christmas cover

PCP has an announcement – our playmate, Miss Barista, has a Christmassy treat of a book out – Driving Home for Christmas!

And there’s a Rafflecopter give-away – click the link and you could win a Driving Home for Christmas goodie bag, including merchandise, festive treats and a £10 Amazon gift card!

Pop the buck’s fizz, stoke the fire and prepare to giggle the festive season away with AL Michael

To celebrate, she’s written something for us about her love of Christmas – especially in TV and films! Check it below…

I love when TV shows (and movies!) do Christmas. Of course, the American shows don’t always line up with us watching in the UK, because of air dates, and then we get sad because we don’t have Thanksgiving, so there’s no excuse to have another day of eating turkey and watching TV for us. Still, here’s some of my favourite Christmas bits in TV and film!


  1. Dawson’s Creek

Dawson sad by tree from Dawson's Creek Christmas episode

Okay, so you know when Joey and Pacey got together, and Dawson got all mad? (I’m not going to spoiler alert, this show has been dead for so many years now). Well, there’s a Christmas party, where Dawson extends the olive branch, and since he’s been getting into photography (because everyone’s life goals and interests match up, so a camera geek would naturally segue into photography) he sees Joey and Pacey cuddled up by the tree, lights twinkling around them, and he takes the picture of them. Even though it’s painful, he can see they’re happy. Christmas is about forgiveness. Or about letting the right guy get the girl you have never really seen as anything but a symbol. Whatever.


  1. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls snow

Can I write an article for PCP without mentioning this show? No, probably not. A specific Christmas episode isn’t even coming to mind, it’s just that the cute little town is always sprinkled in fluffy snow, and everyone wears puffer jackets and hats and mittens, and everything’s all lit up, looking like a setting in any Christmas movie ever. Definitely points for prettiness!


  1. Community

stop motion still from Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas episode of Community

I haven’t watched Community for a while, because I got all confused about directing  and showrunners and changing voices and stuff… BUT, when Community does Christmas, well, it’s fantastic. In ‘Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas’, they make the entire thing stop motion, which is super fun! And then there’s Annie trying to be a sexy Santa, and being creepy as hell in the ‘glee-ful’ musical Christmas episode. They’re fun, and they really go with it. Yay for committing to Christmasness.


  1. Die Hard

Die Hard still with Christmas hat

This is a Christmas film. I don’t care what anyone says. I’ve been having this argument with my parents for about ten years now. It’s set at Christmas. It’s always on around Christmas. And it’s got a Christmassy moral, about family, and saving the day…or something?


  1. Oklahoma!

Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma! stage show

Okay, so technically this isn’t Christmassy at all, but I end up watching it around Christmas time because I usually get ill because of the cold, and it’s the only time I can curl up and watch masses of TV and films without feeling guilty. I love this film – the stage version, with a singing Hugh Jackman. Obviously.


  1. Elf


Normally Will Ferrell makes me want to punch myself in the face (not absolutely always, there’s cowbell, and…Stranger than Fiction was okay, I guess) but in Elf he’s actually at his best. Here is someone who is so Christmassy you want to strangle them. It’s heartwarming and silly and fun and over the top, and that’s absolutely fine (especially at this time of year)!


  1. Love, Actually

Love Actually poster

Yeah, I know, cliché. So shoot me. I get tearful at the airport scene. Yes, so it is a lot of fairly posh people who are managing to survive in London on a bunch of questionable wages, and everyone’s attractive and there’s a six degrees of separation thing going on. But London looks lovely at Christmas, and I’m a sucker for it.


  1. Doctor Who Christmas Specials

Doctor Who Christmas

I’m including these in the same way I would include an Eastenders Christmas Special. It’s tradition. I don’t think I’ve watched one of these in quite a few years now, my interest has waned, but I’ll always think back fondly to those times where I got angry that people wouldn’t leave or shut up so I could see what festive adventures the doctor was up to. Plus, who doesn’t like a robot in a Santa hat?


9. The OC

The OC, The Best Chrismukkah ever episode

Back in the day, The OC did Chrismukkah. Now, everyone does Chrismukkah. The OC is the pioneering trend-setter of the TV world. Well, people maybe did Chrismukkah before, but now they know what to call it. I don’t think they all go Seth Cohen and decide that Death Cab for Cutie is the music of the holiday though – too depressing. Oh, they also had a really awesome Christmas music album from the TV show that I own, and still listen to. Yeah, I’m that cool.

10. The 10th Kingdom

Tenth Kingdom mini series poster

This always seemed to be on Sky One around Christmas when I was a kid, and whilst I’m a little scared to watch it now in case I’m disappointed and it’s actually shit, at the time it was the most wonderful fairytale mini-series. But if it’s on again this year I’ll take a chance!


What are your top Christmas shows?!

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