How To Have a Nothing Day



The gals and guys here at Pop Culture Playpen know how to work hard and play hard. But they’re also damn good at eating junk food and moving a minimal amount. Seeing as most of them inspired the Nothing Days in my newly released novel The Last Word, I thought I’d give you guys a guide to relaxing.

  • There should be booze. But there should also be tea. And ginger beer, and maybe juice. Or milkshake. A variety of beverages for all occasions, and they should not be more than five steps away.



  • Someone should make brownies. Hopefully you have someone who is capable of cooking when drunk/stoned, or has enough forethought to bake beforehand. I enjoy that usually that person is not me.



  • Fruit. To counteract all the bad crap you ate when you feel guilty later on. Yeah. It works. Which is why I always have an emergency apple in my bag.



  • Themed watching activities. Perhaps it’s a Buffy marathon, perhaps it’s all the Star Wars. Perhaps you’re theming it by genre/director/actor/activity, but the point is- embrace your inner librarian geek, and arrange the shit out of that watching.



  • Do. Not. Move. You find a comfy place to lie/collapse, and you own it. If someone tries to steal your seat, you tell them about the Rules of the Nothing Days.



  • Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags. Think Community’s pillow forts- no, we’re not children, we’re just awesome.

blanket fort


  • Try and find a motivated individual who will go to the shop for you when the need arises (this is probably the same person who was smart enough to make brownies).



  • Allow your brain to relax so much that it feels like it’s melting. It’s a good thing, trust me.



-Do not: tweet, facebook, tumblr, email, text (unless it’s giving people directions or demanding more things from the shop) or WORK! Nothing days are days for NOTHING.



It’s a very demanding day, one that takes the willpower and dedicated to relaxation that most people in our workaholic world simply do not have. Stop the glorification of busy, begin the appreciation of Nothing.

THE LAST WORD was published on the 27th May 2014 by Carina UK as an e-book – if you’re in the mood for overly sarcastic romantic comedies, give it a go!

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