An Irishman for Valentine’s


Why is it that those of foreign descent are so much more attractive to us than our fellow countrymen?  More exotic. F or decades the Italians and the French have ruled the romance scene. And the Irish? Well, they have a certain je ne sais quoi about them – OK, that’s the French, and actually, we do know what it is – it’s the accent. Who doesn’t love an Irish accent? Sexy, lilting, difficult to understand…! And if it’s not the accent, it’s the eyes, and if not the eyes, the smile. And in some cases all three.

Check out my picks to see if you agree!

Colin Farrell


He slips easily between his thick Dublin accent and a Texan drawl, although we prefer his Irish lilt. Known in the past for being a bad boy,  his ‘jobs’ mirror this.  Nemesis to a superhero,  a ruthless assassin. A soldier, a king, a horrible boss. He’s certainly pushing the boat out in the testosterone stakes, although he has a fear of phone booths and makes all calls via his cell phone.

Liam Neeson

1152x864 Liam Neeson HD Liam,Neeson

The Irish answer to Harrison Ford. With that craggy, lived-in face, and so softly spoken, he’s a keeper. No surprise that he was an amateur boxer in his day, but who knew he’d worked for  Guinness!  Now that’s what I call the luck of the Irish!

He knows one end of a light sabre from the other and is sure to protect you.. He’s the king of the jungle and counts superheroes amongst his friends. The Scottish Robin Hood, he somehow managed to lead the Irish revolution. He’s the dad you want to meet by the school gates – the ‘man next door’.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Another Dub., one who looks good in hose, a codpiece, and a ruff.  I wonder what Hugo Boss would make of that?! He knows his Stuarts from his Tudors and has played The King.  It’s a toss-up between whether he’ll serenade you and gyrate his hips or  order your execution. Coaching soccer features amongst his hobbies, but you might get fed up with that, as it’s women’s soccer and Keira Knightley’s his star player.  Just watch out for his fangs or it might be the kiss of death he gives you this Valentine’s Day!!

Cillian Murphy


The freckle-faced youngster of the pack was born a few decades late to audition for the Wizard of Oz, although he did manage to be a scarecrow elsewhere. It has to be said Mr Murphy looks better without a bag over his head. The archetypal blue-eyed boy, you definitely want him by your side in a post-apocalyptic world as annihilating zombies rates highly on his To Do list. Good to take with you to parties and liven things up, as he is an ex rock musician.

Pierce Brosnan


What other feather can this man add to his bow? He has already played 007, been voted People’s Sexiest Man Alive  and although we’re accustomed to him being a snappy dresser, he even managed to make bowler hats look good! He knows how to get out of a tough situation and would sacrifice everything for love – even if he does think you’ll double cross him .He’s a dab hand at karaoke and secure enough in his sexuality to belt out an Abba hit.  Avoid visiting volcanoes when he’s around. If he doesn’t make your pulse quicken, you’re officially dead.

So which Irishman fits the bill?

If you can’t decide on those above, how about sexy Sean, with the Irish accent to die for, who has joined Happy Ever After dating agency for professional people,  in my novel, The Dating Game. Here’s his dating profile below to help you decide if you’d give him a chance or if you’d send him packing!


Name:  Sean Hennessey

Age:  35

Lives:  Glasgow, Scotland

Occupation:  Sound Technician

Qualifications:  BA Technical and Production Arts (Management and Technology)

Height:  5’ 9’

Marital status:  Single

Smoker:  Y

Interests:  Listening to and playing music, films, rugby, hurling,

Further information:  Originally from Co Galway, I have lived in Glasgow since my time at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.  I love it here – brilliant city and good craic.

Looking to meet:  A woman who I can romance…

So, which Irishman would you like to take you out to dinner, hand you a red rose and plant a smacker on your lips this Valentine’s? Tell all in the comments!

Susan Buchanan is the author of three novels in the contemporary fiction and chicklit genres: Sign of the Times, The Dating Game and The Christmas Spirit. Her fourth novel, What If, is expected to be released summer 2014.

2 thoughts on “An Irishman for Valentine’s

  1. I love it! What a great teaser for your book. Sounds as irresistible as the Irishmen themselves. Would you believe I have an Irishman of my own, and my favourite singer/songwriter is also an Irishman? To be sure, to be sure!

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