Love Fools

Galentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Or Galentines Day. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Valentines Day used to really get on my nerves, especially at school. It just seemed really annoying and rather sad, a day for insecure people to prove something to the world. To unnecessarily tout the giant teddy bears their boyfriends had given them all day long, or to pretend they had received flowers from a mystery admirer. (I guess you can tell that I never really “won” Valentines Day as a teen…)

But these days, I think it’s quite a lot of fun, if only to observe how everyone else gets in the spirit of things. (Not to mention all the half-price confectionery the day after.) I really like this “Anti-Valentines” ebook my friend put together and these #RosesAreRed poems from Waterstones. I like that Graeme Simson, author of The Rosie Project, is in Spitalfields signing books and giving away free lobster rolls. (Even if they are totally ripping us off. Us as in Atlantic Books, my employer, not PCP.)

We’re even getting on the VDay bandwagon at PCP. Our dearest Miss Barista, as you may know, is an author, and has recently signed with Carina UK. We consider it an honour to host our Playmate and a few of her fellow Carina authors for their We Heart Romance blog tour. They – and we, if we can get off our lazy bums – we will be posting about all things romantic this Valentines weekend, from romantic comedy tropes to forbidden love and sidelined love interests.

So, however you’re celebrating today/this weekend – whether its “kicking it breakfast style” with gal pals or a traditional romantic dinner/overpriced set menu in a super-packed restaurant (nope, not bitter) – why not take a little time to put your feet up and indulge in some pop cultural romantic analysis on PCP? Oh yea, we know how to treat you good. Maybe there’ll even be pancakes…

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