Waiting for a Girl Like You


How I Met Your Mother used to be one of my favourite shows & like many things I once intensely loved, I resented it all the more when it stopped living it up to my expectations.

They dragged out the Mother mystery for far too long, to Lost-like proportions… so I lost (ha) interest in the show & began to think that I just wouldn’t care once they finally revealed Her. I didn’t think they could revive what had become lacklustre storytelling, nor find an actress that could provide the payoff to years of build-up.

And yet, and yet… in the final episode of the last season we actually did get to meet the Mother. I was immediately intrigued by Cristin Milioti, to the extent that I watched the “Sexy Baby” episode of 30 Rock (a show I give a wide berth due to the presence of Tracy Jordan/Morgan) & even went to the West End to watch Once, Milioti’s big break over on Broadway. Both explorations put a smile on my face – Milioti was both creepy & fascinating as the Sexy Baby, and Once is one unexpected Irish dreamboat of a musical. (Listen to/watch this.) I was also cheered by the news that the ninth and final season of HIMYM would be centred around the wedding weekend, sort of 24-stylee. Fresh storytelling ahoy!

Having now seen the first two episodes of the new season, I remain hopeful about the show’s direction & getting to know the Mother/Milioti. It might sound shallow, and maybe it’s just because her face is a mash-up of Colbie Smulders & Alyson Hannigan’s, but lookswise, Milioti is exactly right & the character personality seems so far spot on (sweet, nerdy). I think she’ll make me fall in love with Ted all over again – his character has seemed pointless for a couple of years now. I was impressed that they showed her with Ted a year from the wedding weekend, which opens up all the myriad ways they can develop her character & depict her relationship with Ted, outside of simply “meeting” him for the first time, which could very well be the final moment of the series.

In any case, I’m looking forward to watching HIMYM again, which is nothing short of a pop cultural miracle.

This also seems like the right place to mention that, more than four years ago now, Miss Thropist & I had a go at predicting who would be the Mother.

Neither of us were right, but if someone won, it was me as Becki Newton was the one actress from both our lists that eventually starred on the show. So Anne, you owe me dinner.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for a Girl Like You

  1. I do quite like her character so far (and I like that her introduction has been Lily-centric) – but Ted is SO ANNOYING. I’m genuinely looking forward to this show ending so I can stop watching it, and Cobie can go play permanently on Agents of Shield.

    AND I OWE YOU NOTHING! There’s a semantic difference between ‘the mother’ and ‘other chick’.

    • I like the Lily-centricness too! It was a very lovely meeting.

      You’ll never like Ted bah! Oh well, it’s not like I’m marrying him.

      I’m looking forward to it finishing too – it’s good that it may be an enjoyable farewell instead of a trip to the dentist though.

      Need to get on watching SHIELD!!

      I’m totes snatching a handful of whatever cinema snack you eat in my presence in the near future & you can’t stop me & that shall be my rightful prize.

      • All Lily/no Ted should be the show’s mission statement. I think this season should be better than the last anyway!

        Only one ep of Shield out so far – shouldn’t take too long to get caught up!

        MAYBE I WILL NOT BUY SNACKS, HA. You can have some gum. Or filters.

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