Party Like it’s 1999

Making stuff better by improving it and if that isn't a policy, I don't know what is.

Hello and welcome to the PCP Party Conference Playlist, aka a sing-along story of the current Coalition Government! This year the Conservative Party Conference is being held in Manchester from Sunday 29th September to Wednesday 2nd October, and the good people of the left-wing are excitedly looking forward to picketing every step of the way. Campaigning groups across the country are getting ready to scrap for the news agenda, Mancunians are scurrying around buying red paint and pondering slogans, it’s all very exciting. At PCP we feel that nothing helps quite like a good sing-song. We like to be timely as well as tuneful, and so we are very pleased to present our top ten protest songs of recent years.

The Austerity Allstars – ‘Bugger The Bankers’

A cheery one to kick off with, and so eloquent! We start the sing-along with the story of this UK Government and the economic crisis.

David Rovics – ‘Occupy Wall Street (We’re Gonna Stay Right Here)’

A song from the Occupy Movement, to make this a bit more international and inclusive. Although David Rovics might look a bit creepy in this video he’s actually not, so stick with him.

MC NxtGen – ‘Andrew Lansley rap’

‘Andrew Lansley. Greedy. Andrew Lansley. Tosser…’ And with those words a whole cohort of Generation Y began to love the NHS.

MC NxtGen – ‘Stuff The Cuts’ 

And then there was the sequel…

Alex Ross and James Herring – ‘I’m Sorry (The Autotune Remix)’

And then some cracks in the Coalition started to show, and Nick Clegg was sorry (sort of). I’m quite a sucker for an apology, so I do rather like this one. I’ll bet the people making money from Student Loans are fans too.


Citizen Smart – ‘Bedroom Tax Song: You Cannae Have a Spare Room in a Pokey Council Flat’

Pretty, sad, and makes you mad. A great protest song formula!  

The London Gay Men’s Chorus – ‘A Little Respect’

Celebrate the victories for they are few. Or something like that.

Frank Turner – ‘Thatcher Fucked the Kids’

See also:

David Rovics – ‘No Fracking Way’

David Rovics again – I told you to stick with him! I think it’s worth looking at the recent debate around fracking because it has confirmed two things: 1. The Government definitely does not care about The North, and 2. Caroline Lucas is one hell of a lady.  

Billy Bragg – ‘Which Side Are You On?’

Whilst this doesn’t fit chronologically, it would be disrespectful to have a run-down of protest songs without featuring Billy Bragg. So here is some extended Bragg-action to ensure that you all get your recommended dose.

We hope you all enjoy your soundtrack to party conference season! And feel free to let us know about your favourite protest songs in the comments.

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