‘Wine Dark, Sea Blue’ Launch Party

Wine Dark, Sea Blue

 Wine Dark, Sea Blue Launch Party: aka our very own Miss Barista’s book launch!

 “It was easy enough most days not to be happy, sometimes you didn’t even need to try. But this time I would do it for her. No drugging, clubbing, drinking, laughing. No happiness. For her, to honour all those years she couldn’t be happy. To remember that I could turn it on again at any time, that I knew how to get all the things that would make me feel alive again.”

 York, May 1 2013.

Wine Dark, Sea Blue,  A.L. Michael’s debut novel will be released of Friday, May 10th at London Landmark Dirty Dicks in Liverpool Street. The Launch will be preceded by a reception at the University of East Anglia’s London Centre at 5 pm, with guest speakers. The Launch party at Dirty Dicks Pub will open at 7 pm. The night will include performances from Northern Irish writer Louise Davidson, Stairwell Books’ Rose Drew, a collaborative installation by poet Joe McBride and sound artist Victoria Karlsson, and excellent music from The Elisa Jeffery Collective.

Arts graduate of a recession generation, Ellie Kazakis has a lot of problems. But finding an actual job is the least of them. There’s the complications surrounding her grandmother’s death, the secrets she seems to be keeping for everyone around her, and her own addiction to One Night Friendships- the only time she feels alive is when she knows she doesn’t have to see those strangers ever again. Wine Dark, Sea Blue is about being what people need you to be, and what happens when all those obligations start to blur. Do you keep the secrets, or do you break?

Wine Dark, Sea Blue is compelling and charming- a warm hearted and honest portrait of a young Londoner battling grief, casual drug addiction, minimum wage jobs and her crazy, sprawling Greek family.

Copies of the book will be available at the reception and party and will also available via the Stairwell Books web site. Orders taken before the launch will be free of portage.

A.L. Michael lives in North London. As well as having a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing, she also has an MA in Creative Entrepreneurship, both from the University of East Anglia. She currently runs her own company, The DumbSaint Project, teaching creative writing workshops inspired by Beat ideology. She has been published in various anthologies and her work focusses on the intricacies of happiness, and how we deny simplicity, which encouraged her to work towards an MsC in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. She is currently on a writing residency in East London. You can find more about her at www.almichael.com or follow @almichael_

Stairwell Books is a York based small press associated with The Spoken Word which publishes the works of exciting poets and writers. Recent titles include Along the Iron Veins, Pressed by Unseen Feet: an anthology of Ghostly writing recently short listed for a SaboteurAward, A Day at the Races by N.E. David, Poison Pen by PJ Quinn and York in Poetry Artwork and Photographs published in conjunction with York Council for the York 800 celebrations. Stairwell Books is also the publisher of the international literary and arts journal, Dream Catcher. Further information is available from rose@stairwellbooks.com.

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