Searchin’ every which a-way

Bee with magnifying glass

It’s time, once again, to delve into the mixed grab bag of what people have been tapping into google in order to end up here over the last fortnight.

Just in case you hadn’t realised: people scour the internet for some odd things. Have some Coasters to ease you into the randomness:


And now to the search terms!

jensen ackles butt

The equation of Jensen Ackles' ass

I know there was a shrine to Jensen’s and everything, but I really think you ought to check out Jared’s too:


cobie smulders interview “panties”

Well Maxim’s interview with her is accompanied by several pictures of her frolicking about scantily clad.

molly ringwald sexy

You can see her getting down in dirty (and topless) in Malicious.

world map political black and white

I think you should check out Many Ways to See the World if you’re interested in maps. And even if you’re not, if you watch it you soon will be!


emily sexy – thomas tank engine

Emily from Thomas the Tank Engine

To be honest, I don’t see it.

gay marriage animated

This happened.

opium field

Poppies will put you to sleep, be warned!


adam levine/christina aguilera rpf

It’s a thing!

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera singing Move Like Jagger on The Voice

man woman dramatic kiss

Here you go:


keri russell vampire

I don’t think she’s ever played one, but she is going to be an 80s spy.

blake lively – weird but sexy

Blake Lively weird but sexy outfit picture 1

Apparently this outfit is.

spookie niple

Not that spelling like that deserves Mallrats, but still…

punk boobs cleavage

Siouxsie Sioux

dean winchester i think i’m adorable gif

Always on topic.

disney princes gay

Disney princes almost kiss

Just because they barely have personalities doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to express their sexuality.

moulin rouge satine dies


90s teen hair

Wonderfully dreadful.

Clarissa with side ponytail, Clarissa Explains It AllJessie from Saved by the BellJensen Ackles floppy hairBuffy long ratty hairChristina Aguilera with pink streaks in hairJustin Timberlake's bizarre bleach froBritney Spears with partially crimped hairGeri Halliwell/Ginger SpceDawson's gelled messCoolio's hairLeonardo DiCaprio's floppy haired messOne hot mess

picture of an ugly poison

I know that ‘hemlock’ is fun to say, but are any poisons particularly good looking?

Poison the band

easter sences for barbie

Ey? Scenes? Senses? Sentences? Whatever.

Barbie Easter Basket

nph fucking cobie smulders

Judging from the How I Met Your Mother bloopers he likes to mack on everyone, as do all the cast members. Sluts.


fuck you cartoon

Mickey Mouse giving the finger

alice and wonderland syndrome seeing things too big

big Alice tries to open small door

Maybe she never went to Wonderland, she was just crazy.

rob lowe’s tablecloth drawing

Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Lowe’s autobiography, has a tale about Andy Warhol and drawing pussies. True story!

howl full of hell ridiculously large cover image.

Howl Full of Hell cover

Ridiculously large is a relative term when you have fabulous eyes like I do.

pop culture world map

US-only, because everyone knows the rest of the world isn’t important.

map of the US with sitcoms set in each stateice cream and sex

Wasn’t that the whole point of the Angel episode ‘I Will Remember You’?


downward spiral crystal meth

You watch Breaking Bad too?!

shay mitchell religion

This seems to be a niggling question for some, but I say that we all ought to be worshipping at the shrine of Pretty Little Liars.


grandmother mermaid

But how do mermaids reproduce?!

supernatural eat it twilight picture tumblr

Dean kills a vampire, "eat it Twilight"WTF?/Eat it TwilightEdward Cullen fears Dean WinchesterKeep Calm and Eat It TwilightHe's watching her sleep. How is that not rapey?

cultural representations of cross sex friendships

Few and far between sadly. Though there are some decent portrayals on television, and here are a few more I’ve recently become fond of:

Detectivers Lassiter and O'Hara from PsychLiz and Pete from 30 RockEileen and Derek from SmashHarley and Annie from TremeLeslie and Ron, from Parks and RecreationAgent Machado and Bridget-as-Siobhan, Ringer

spankings,whippings and high heels

How about some blood, sex and booze instead?



Site loading slowly, mash enter repeatedly

supernatural fanfiction dean/sam “throwing up”

Oh internet, you have everything!

too hungover

Molecular Analysis of the Human Brain During the Drinking Cycle- Before, During and After

Don’t worry, there are cures for that.

dog soldiers reviewin this era of vampire soap operas (ie- “the vampire diaries”), and emo teen vampires (ie- the twilight saga), it’s nice to see that at least the werewolves still tend to be pretty bad ass. private cooper and his squad are on a training exercise when they come across another squad that’s been brutally slaughtered. the […]

Charming. If I provide a picture of a nice little werewolf will you stop googling large chunks of text?

Werewolf from Dog Soliders

which vibrator did charlotte use on sex in the city and resulted in her disappearing for the rest of the episode?

A pink rabbit. Neither a turtle or a hare then, despite the episode title.


jensen ackles painful stomach

Maybe you should offer some assistance…

Jensen Ackles shirtless

songs from thoroughly modern mill

They’re all fabulous!


bitch be disney

Cinderella- Bitch be drunk as hell, losing shoes and shit

cougar town sex scenes

Or… they could just kiss without it having to lead anywhere!


womens glee club cheerleader costume sexy glee club cheerleader costume

Calm the fuck down!

Mercedes and Kurt in cheerleading uniforms from Glee

cybill -shepherd -sheperd -shephard -shepard

I’m sorry but what other Cybills are there? You’re getting the Shepherd and you’re going to like it:

Cybill Shepherd

“all dogs are blue now”

Blue dog


emoticons explanation

If confused, refer to a cat:

Emoticons explained with pictures of cats

least amount of sexual tension

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin photoshopped onto dancers' bodies

cartoon penis on real person

Giant cartoony penis costume


hayek naked

Why would you possibly want to see this man naked?!

cover of Friedrich Hayek biography by Alan Ebenstein

danneel ackles nude scene 2013

I’d have to go back to the future to obtain such images, and that sounds like a lot of hassle. Besides, she’s perfectly nice to look at clothed and in the past too.

Danneel Ackles nee Harris

cobie smulders l word

I completely forgot this ever happened!

beautiful girls smoking weed

Nancy in the grow house surrounded by weed, WeedsDonna in the car singing, That 70s Showstoned Lindsay, Freaks and Geeksyoung stoned girl at Rolling Stones concert, Mad Men

should i cut my hair short like keri russell

Totally, that’s never led to anything bad happening

berocca nsfw

I don’t think this image is safe for work because it’s clearly not safe for eyes.

Worf with Berocca: You but on a good day to die

finding porn with google

Uses of google pie chart- spell checking, too lazy to type .com, porn, useful info

dress like jensen ackles

I can see why you might want to dress like him when he’s a cowboy. Especially when he’s accompanied by cowboy Jared.

Jensen Acjles and Jared Padalecki dressed as cowboys

cartoon characters quiz pictures which gives nice conclusion

Try this sporcle quiz, you’ll get a nice conclusion if you’ve got a lot of toon trivia.

buddha and alcohol

Buddha hip flask


weed saying

A friend with weed is a friend indeed!Marijuana is safer so why are we driving people to drink?stoners live and stoners die but in the end we all get high. So if in life you don't succeed, fuck this shit and smoke some weed.Let the good times rollEverybody must get stoned!poster for Reefer Club by Luke Roberts- the girl was a slave to marijuana yet was she wholly bad?

borderline misanthropie

How dare you?! There’s only full on people-hatred around here, nothing wishy-washy about it.

show white bitch

Well if you insist…

She can probably freeze you with her psychotic death glare though, don’t make eye contact!

chuck bass costume

So much ridiculousness to choose from!

various Chuck Bass outfits from Gossip Girl

naked violinist

Bond string quartet

Here’s Bond, an Australian string quartet, to fulfil all your nude instrumentalist needs.

girl from firefly sex

Which one?

Morena Baccarin sex sceneJewel Staite as goth girl, Dead Like MeGina Torres and Alan Tudyk as post-coital Zoe and Wash, FireflySummer Glau in braChristina Hendricks, Beggars

erotic easter

Naked cartoon man bunny

Check out this post for viewing and reading suggestions, and some reasonably disturbing images.

goofy bicycle

It’s hard to get goofier looking than a penny-farthing:

man on penny-farthing

And on that note I leave you to have a goofy and chocolate-filled Easter Sunday!

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