Am I search term… or Muppet?

Damn it, it’s Monday instead of Sunday again. I got NOTHING done yesterday. I blame the clocks “springing forward”… and the Muppets. Most of my Sunday was spent obsessing over Muppets.

I finally got around to watching The Muppets, which was just… joyful. It was everything good and it had so many of my favourite things!

So, instead of analysing such gems as make your cake look like forest with fairies and little faces are called pixie faces, or answering questions like is jensen ackles a redneck?, this edition of Search Term Sunday is all about the Muppets.

when it seems impossible never ever give up and help family

Pretty much the mission statement of all Muppet movies!

bridging generation gap between parents and children

Want to know how to? Watch these… or the Muppets.

himym doppelgangers

Sorry Lesbian Robin, Stripper Lily, Doctor Barney… Muppet Marshall is my new favourite doppelganger.

very drunk bum

Meet Hobo Joe. He likes Muppets.

modern woman and we can do it women and happy women’s day!

Miss Piggy, feminist icon.

girls loses beer bong leads to lesbian and drag king

I became quite confused by this porcine chap while watching The Muppets. Is this Miss Piggy’s brother? Is this Miss Piggy if she became devastated by not being able to smoke Oscar the Grouch?

animals should definitely not wear clothing

The Muppets would probably disagree. Though there are some naked ones.

happy old people

I think those are smiles.

but i need someone different

Walter is as different as they come! Especially when he dresses up like Kermit.

“child prodigy” “boyfriend” “addict”

“Dougie Howser”. “Barney Stinson”. “Neil Patrick Harris”.

manny modern family and pcp manny

Hey Rico Rodriguez, Kermit may not know who you are, but we do!

“it’s a terrible world. why am i here?” “for tea parties!!” “tea parties? is that all there is?”

Sure, this is a line from one of Miss Thropist’s favourite episodes of Supernatural but it’s also a good opportunity to display some tea-partying Muppet babies.

ridiculous eyebrows

He thinks the news is ridiculous.

the frog princess disney

AKA one of the reasons Kermit may be hesitant about settling down with Piggy.

thats what you get bunny for stealing our eggs

I’m not sure what Camilla is giving away, but I don’t think I want any.

i know i shouldn’t ask but what was your mum like

‘Cos I’m assuming she had a thing for Muppet milkmen.

believe vampire 17 century bram stoker confused memory blood impala folk romania real dracula 20 century lost vampire undead and bram stoker confused memory blood impal fock romania real dracula lost 20th century myth lost vampire undead


doppelgangers double failed trouble

Don’t mess with the Moopets, they like knives.

in a 1-2 page essay style response, address the representation of any two of the following from the angel episode “smile time”; a) gender; b) sexual orientation / sexuality; c) social class; d) race/ethnicity; e) mass media; f) workplace; g) children

I want to write this essay! Or maybe just watch the episode again…

2 thoughts on “Am I search term… or Muppet?

  1. I adore this!!!! And very much want to see the film 🙂 And kinda want to be the person writing essays about Smile Time!

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