In Search Of The Centre of the Universe

Cat Stevens - The Search album cover from In Search of The Centre of the Universe boxset

Welcome to the latest Search Term Sunday! Take a peek at what people have been googling to end up here in the last couple of weeks, sit back, and giggle away.

dean in supernatural cars

Supernatural‘s Dean ended up in a truly supernatural car when his brother was transformed into a Chevy Impala version of Knight Rider. Good times:


matilda the movie pancakes

How very topical, given that it was Pancake Day not long ago!


human cloning explanation

TV Tropes knows everything, natch.We tend to stay away from the nitty-gritty science ourselves, although there are some sets of actors I think have been freakishly well cast as relatives and so forth. Maybe cloning is the explanation!

Shelby Corcoran (Indina Menzel) and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) as mother and daughter in GLee

cowboy friend

Cowboy Jensen and Cowboy Jared are best cowboy friends! It’s one of the reasons that they’re our (cowboy) mascots.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki dressed as cowboys for Supernatural episode 'Frontierland'

We also appreciate how doggone cute they look.

cowboy centaur

cowboy centaur photoshopped

Clearly this is what Photoshop is for.

slash nude

Slash, Guns N Roses

Are you sure this is a person you want to see nekkid?

manhandled birthday fuck

Oh dear. That sounds…potentially painful.

idealist feminist begin with the heart

I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds nice. Check out the Feminist Photo Blog Project on tumblr, go on.

what is this porn?

Gascoigne reading Belle's book, from Beauty and the Beast, caption: What is this porn you speak of?

According to Caitlin Moran it’s just pictures of people fucking. FUCK YEAH.

giving a fuck for lent

Tell you what, if you’re trying to say that you don’t care about Lent, why don’t you give up this bizarre Americanism which equates “could care less” with “couldn’t care less” for forty days?

And if you are actually proud of the fact that you give a fuck about Lent I’m sure you’ll be happy to!

is jared padalacki and geneve padalacki’s baby arrived yet?

Apparently the bubba is expected on a Wednesday in mid-March, which isn’t all that far off. Somehow that makes the question seem mildly less inappropriate.

jared padalecki tits

Jared Padalecki shirtless scene from Supernatural

I’m not sure he ought to be put in charge of breastfeeding the baby.

what does pcp do to people

Lures you in with shiny pictures, makes you stay for the snark.

PCP shirt based on Parks and Recreation

the guy who looks like ringo in big bang theory

Simon Helberg?

Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory) totally looks like Ringo from the Beatles cartoon

what material are the jumpsuits from misfits made of?

Misfits gang in jumpsuits

I think they’re made out of plutonium, which is actually where the gang’s powers come from, and that whole freak storm thing was just a misdirect. I also think the next season ought to thoroughly investigate this storyline, with all the original cast members back together. Meep.

what princesses almost looks like egyptian princesses disney

Well Snow White in her coffin kind of has an Egyptian mummy thing going on…

Snow White in glass coffin, Disney film

jared padalecki in places he shouldn’t be

Disney princesses picture with photoshopped Jared Padalecki

This may truly be the greatest tumblr of them all.

this aint buffy porn

True of so many things.

James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer looking shocked, caption: I'm doing WHAT with Angel?

Enjoy your Sunday, even if it’s free from Buffy smut!

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