People are Strange

They really are, you know. Check it.

kristin bell penis


scooby/daphne fanfiction

She must have gotten tired of being Fred’s beard.

jensen ackles wasn’t the only one hot and flustered at the breakfast on sunday morning

How do you like them apples? If one a day keeps the doctor away, imagine the power Jensen can yield.

princess cinderella ripped

Gwen’s abs are under there somewhere.

boy and girl gangsters

Fat Sam’s Grand Slam!! Even as a kid I found Bugsy Malone really weird yet extremely compelling. Why do pies kill?

seven dwarfs of menopause

Can’t wait.

beautiful doughnut


rachel and emily get a divorce

Rachel and Ross got a divorce. Emily and Ross got a divorce. I know I must be getting old because I’m starting to professionally interact with people who haven’t seen every single episode of Friends multiple times.

cobie smulder’s, well-known for her portrayal of robin scherbatsky on how i met your mother, has also made an appearance in which of the following television series? and cobie mulder, well know for her portrayal of robin scherbatsky, on how i met my mother, has alaso made an appearance in what tv series?

Please see IMDB. It has all the answers.

keira knightley we obviously like spanking

Do we now? But does she like being spanked by us?

benedict cumberbatch nude

Oh dear. Me and Miss Thropist spent 15 very uncomfortable minutes watching the lovely Sherlock star writhing about painfully in the National Theatre. It was VERY strange.

3 thoughts on “People are Strange

  1. Why? No, not why. HOW? HOW can you not have seen every episode of friends? It’s been on repeat for about five years?!

    Also, pie no kill people. Pie make people happy. Fat and happy. Yum.

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