Smells Like Buddha’s Spirit…


Happy sort-of Nirvana Day/Parinirvana Day!

This Buddhist festival (which marks Buddha’s entry into Nirvana) is celebrated by some today (February 8th) but generally on Feb 15th. Still, we have an ethos of any excuse to party here at PCP!

And I’m just happy that I can rest assured that today isn’t some sort of international memorial day for Kurt Cobain and his generally dire 90s grunge band. They weren’t very good.

Although I guess this version of ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ isn’t particularly offensive at least:


Still, there’s probably plenty of preferable pop cultural ways to celebrate Nirvana Day…

What do say to spending the whole day reading The Dharma Bums, complaining about crappy characterisation, listening to some classic Blink-182, and watching clips of Lisa Simpson?

Or we could just spend it mocking religion the Community way:


Send us other suggestions for Buddhist observances for today on a postcard, or down there in the comments!

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