Bryter Layter

Nick Drake

This Search Term Sunday comes to you from the addled mind underneath my brand spanking new haircut. I now look eerily like Nick Drake, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that?

Since the last track on his second album, Bryter Layter, is an instrumental piece simply titled ‘Sunday’ it’s clearly appropriate listening on the last day of the week.

I don’t understand what’s going on with this video, or why it’s claiming to have lyrics, so I suggest you just shut your eyes and listen instead.


Lay back, lounge around, and let me insist that things will get better and brighter later. Spring’s a-coming, and there’ll be sunshine and petals and frolicking bunnies all around soon. And if you need a reason to smile before that’s actually upon us, then have a gander at some search terms!

less lip more nip

less lip more nip caption

More proof that children are needy little parasites. What would be so wrong with throwing them all in the sea?

dancing crushing cock with high heels


chickens dancing

cananan country where is coming in world map

I can’t tell if you’re looking for Canada, Canaan or cartography porn. This should help with two out of three at least:

rule 34 no exceptions north america map

bring me the horizon guitar nude

Ooh look at that nekkid instrument!

parts of guitar

dean winchester lip biting

Can you say oral fixation? Cos he can’t, he’s too busy chewing stuff.

dean biting lip 1dean biting lip 2dean biting lip 3dean chewing naildean chewing pen

understanding the internet

Pfft, good luck.

I don't always understand internet memes

desperado 2 aka once upon a time in mexico , salma hayek hot

Well, yes, it’s Salma Hayek. Once Upon a Time in Mexico always confused me though, because Johnny Depp is randomly playing two characters for no reason. What’s up with that?

was michael rosenbaum in big bang theory?

No, but he should be on your screen all day long.


maroon5 fanfition

Maroon 5 fic exists! I bet it’s awful.

tequila cobbles

The combination of drinking plus cobblestones rarely ends well, especially when you add heels to the mix.

carla gallo pornstar look alike

You don’t need to find her double, just watch Californication, in which she played a porn star.

photos of sheldon fromsunday is and valentine kissing tara and

Can you people learn to finish your sentences?!

santana lopez and hanna marin fanfict

The most interesting characters from Glee and Pretty Little Liars together? I could get behind that.

wedding dress monkey

monkey wedding

It’s like a Parks and Recreation and Community crossover… I’m going to pretend that one of the monkey’s is Annie’s Boobs (Troy’s lost pet) getting married in the zoo that had the penguin wedding in Parks. Leave me to my delusions.

witch pussy

Every witchy woman needs her kitty cat.

jared padalecki e jensen ackles em foto pornô da aquarium

As far as I know the Supernatural leads have never dabbled in aquarium-themed pornography.

Here, have a picture of them dressed as cowboys instead.

cowboy Jensen and cowboy Jared

“i don’t always” snatch all your people up

What people? Huh?


accidental public penis

Same Sex Marriage Poll

i make love to myself

Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love

Is that you, Woody Allen? Shouldn’t you be off making some more sucky movies? Yeah, I said it. I want the time I wasted watching crap like Match Point and You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger back!

i possess the moves

Oh, Adam Levine would you please just sit down and shut the fuck up?

jensen ackles is he holding a cigarette

Jensen Ackles smoking

Mayhap, but who cares about him? Let’s all stare at his now wife smoking instead, she’s way more interesting!

Danneel Ackles smoking

is the main character from how i met my mother gay?

I think so!

And and and, apparently I’m not the only one!


jared padalecki jensen ackles gay erotic short story

Welcome to the internet, did you know that it’s for porn? Have some J2 recs.

how heavy is adam levine

Maroon 5 aren’t exactly what I’d call heavy at all, they’re more like light fluffy, easy listening nonsense. Although this cover isn’t entirely offensive:


popular culture transphobia

What’s more pop culture-y than the “shit some people say to some other people” meme?


women shoes like jared leto

Jared Leto wearing crocs

I really hope that some woman out there is looking for shoes with Jared Leto’s face on, and not a pair of ugly crocs like his.

children married objectum nom eiffel telepathically god culture

God Culture

brooklyn girls stereotype

That they dress in the dark?

Jenny Gossip Girl

when emma and dexter are on the nudist beach, she is reading “the unbearable lightness of being” by milan kundera. the story line of one day has several parallels to this novel. — imdb trivia: one day (2011)

Fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

word fuck on nail

Lindsay Lohan nails

If LiLo’s nail art doesn’t make you smile I’m not sure what will!

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