Let Me Entertain Me

Sex sells, as Miss Barista has reflected upon in her recent posts, and as further demonstrated by the immense amount of traffic Adam Levine’s body has brought to PCP. Scanning our stats reveals thousands of sexual search terms, each more eye-dirtying than the one before.

I therefore feel I’ve got a pretty good grip on what you all want and how you want it.  But what about what I want? For far too long, Search Term Sundays have been dictated YOUR fickle and occasionally funny fetishes.  Thus, today is all about me, and which search terms correlate with the things that tickle my fancy. Lucky for y’all, I have awesome taste. So there’s going to be lots of pretty.

But for those of you searching for big bang theory boobs,  south carolina sex with a chicken,  big hairy housewelf women asses,  schoolboy upskirt,  panties sniffing soiled spank or spanked or spanking and  far too young nude girls – I’m sorry, but you’re out of luck. At least until next time.

As for the rest of you – you’re welcome!

katherine moennig and ian somerhalder

AKA the best thing about the all-too-short-lived Dawson’s Creek spin-off Young Americans. Was there ever a couple prettier or more androgynous?

jensen ackles manip singing

He just can’t fight his feelings anymore.

jensen ackles glasses and glasses fetish

Jensen = SMART. And HOT.

men walk in high heels

I’ve always had a soft spot for drag queens. It’s in my blood. Or something. (I’d elaborate but I’m not sure I’m allowed to.) To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar was one of my favourite movies as a kid, and I hadn’t seen renowned tough guys Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in non-drag prior to that, which added an interesting dimension to Demolition Man and Romeo and Juliet. Men usually have great legs, so it’s a shame they don’t get to show them off in a nice pair of stilettos and silk stockings more often.

angelina jolie body

I like Angelina’s curves best circa 1998 – when they actually existed.

21 jump street eyebrows

It’s not so much the eyebrows, but what’s underneath/behind/around them. Still, they’re pretty good eyebrows.

neil gaiman amanda palmer

Gaimanda are fascinating and beyond cool. I saw them in the first throes of love in 2009, at the Singapore Writer’s Festival. This isn’t a picture of that, though. I’m not that creepy.

rapunzel short hair

How I love Tangled! So much so that I watched in twice in a day – and three times in the space of a week. I adore the Rapunzel legend. As a swarthy brunette fed a heavy diet of blonde and blue-eyed princesses, I appreciated the fact that this Disney princess ended the film with dark and short locks. Such a follicular transformation in a Disney princess hasn’t been seen since Cinderalla donned an upsweep for her night on the tiles. (Although you could make a case for The Princess and the Frog.)

dan blair

TEAM DAIR ALL THE WAY! The Powers That BE have until the end of 2012 to grant my Christmas wish . Snap to it.

annie leibovitz disney artwork

I heart Annie Leibovitz’s extravagant, wish-fulfilling, Disney-promoting portraits. They’re ridiculous but I just can’t stop drinking them in. And Zac Efron is just so cute. THERE I ADMITTED IT BUT IT’S OK BECAUSE HE’S DEFINITELY LEGAL NOW.

photos of rob lowe early years

Hello Robert. Nice to meet you – again.

roald dahl short stories

If you haven’t read his short stories for grown ups yet, you must. We got to see a selection on stage last year.

love and forgiveness and lots of kisses

Who doesn’t like these things? For me, the above is best encapsulated in pop culture by the baseball diamond scene in Never Been Kissed. Drew Barrymore is standing there all sad, thinking that Michael Vartan isn’t turn up and never going to forgive her for pretending to be a teenager and turning his hot teacher head… and then he  arrives to the sweet tunes of “Don’t Worry Baby” and they kiss their faces off!

Josh revealing his quasi-incestuous love for ex-stepsister Cher in Clueless comes a close second:

wouldnt it be nice if we were older theme song

Aw. 50 First Dates is one of the few Adam Sandler movies I can stomach, and that’s probably because beyond all the cheap jokes, it’s got a good heart. And a fab soundtrack. (I’m spying a theme with Drew and The Beach Boys…)

neil gaiman midsummer night’s dream

One of my favourite authors does one of my favourite Shakespeare plays.

watch closer natalie portman

I’m not sure if I liked Closer. Or if I like Natalie Portman.  But I definitely like the way she looks in the above scene. Pink suits her!

quantum leap sam beckett and scott bakula

Sam is the man! And he also looks pretty good in a dress and heels:

3 thoughts on “Let Me Entertain Me

  1. Fab selections! Though I am saddened by your lies about a lack of creepiness. And the fact that people are hitting us up for chicken sex evidence.

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