They say it changes when the Sun(day) goes down

It’s the first day of 2012, which means it’s entirely respectable (for once) to be nursing a hangover and lounging around in bed all day.

But it is a Sunday, and the sun is quite firmly set beyond the horizon, so it might be time to shake things up a bit and get on with the first Search Term Sunday of the year. (And then to collapse back into an exhausted heap again immediately afterwards.)

example paper that describes beyonce’s character of in the film obession personality in the terms of the big five personality traits

I’ve got enough essay stress to contend with, I’m certainly not taking on anyone else’s on top of it. Plus you didn’t even explain which film you were talking about.


No Beyonce For You

manips of jensen ackles and jessica alba

Why would you want manipulated images of them when you could watch them in a show together?


Oh I get it, it’s cos Dark Angel is too awful to sit through…

ian somerhalder vs jensen ackles

Check out this important empirical evidence:


taller than brother

Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural, and might appear to be taller than his co-star Jensen Ackles (who portrays his older brother Dean). But maybe the bowlegs are to blame…

Jarpad twitter Jensen's bowlegs

jensen and misha kiss

Here’s them re-enacting a scene from When Harry Met Sally instead, complete with faux-orgasms although sadly sans smooches:


how to dress like a lesbro

Check Charlie Brown for inspiration:


Galore. You’ve come to right place.

adorable felicia day-esque space junky with a healthy interest in quantum physics and relativity

Um, Jennifer Ouellette?

glass eye barbie

This’ll teach you how to do it, just not why anyone would want to.

headless sexy girls

Calm down, Bluebeard!

please, dean winchester, dont spank me young lady

But Dean Winchester isn’t a young lady! Or is he?!


2012 monster cocks wall calendar

facebook timeline awful

I ♥ you.

slither imdb calvin and hobbes porn

This looks like two search terms that ran into each other in a cutesy rom-com fashion, and somehow spat out horrific demon spawn some time later.

jensen ackles real email address

psychedelic candyland

Homer Simpson in Candy Land

boob spelled out


You’re welcome.

badman cartoon

You wanna see the first bad man? I think you do!

my little porny

A pornmanteau! How lovely.

barbara windsor has a annoying voice

That seems a bit harsh…


Ah, no. Completely fair. Carry on.

jocey|jocelyn davies fucking -facebook slut|cheated “the phone”|”called her” sounds|sounded|distracted|noise fucking|sex

Um, I don’t know what that’s about nor do I think I want to. Let’s all look at a random picture instead:

cartoon frog on a cloud

Eh, frogs are ok I suppose but I think Community can offer a much better take on cartoon clouds:


gtfo i’m doing science


food and art jensen ackles

Jensen’s outfit in this picture artfully proves that he’s a Cowboys fan. A bit of lateral mascotry thinking to kick off the new year!

Jensen Ackles in Dallas Cowboys sweater and hat

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