New Year’s Revolution

Abed from Community

The year is on the verge of ending, which means it’s time for overpriced events, too much cheap bubbly and all the feelings of guilt that over-indulgence while listening to other people’s lofty resolutions bring.

That’s right, ’tis the season for proclamations!

So I’ve been musing on what I want from the coming year, and after thinking long and hard, I think I have an answer. I want my Abed-ity to go entirely unquestioned.

See, we have a little Community community here at PCP, a gaggle of watchers whose identities handily map exactly onto those of the characters from the show. I’m assured that we’re not the only group playing this game, which seems to speak to how awesome the show is, so if you haven’t seen it all yet why not use the remainder of the hiatus to get caught up? You’ll thank me for it. Go on.

Miss Penn is our easily confused Pierce, Ms Elaine E. Ouse our overly nice Shirley, Captain Fancy Pants our excitable Troy, Dr Ella Mentary our shrieking Annie, and our Britta (whom we do have photographic evidence of at least) hasn’t even bothered to write anything for us yet. She’s the worst. We’ve even got our own Chang to terrorise us.

Mr Meaner and I have been arguing over the assignation of Jeff and Abed, however. Although I take the point that I am awesome, I think he ought to enjoy Jeff’s narcissistic role, and leave me to live out my Abed-esque experience. I am clearly the TV-obsessed one after all. And I do have a  lot of hats.


I’ve come up with ten little ways to tip me over the edge, and to ensure that I get to keep my crown. And surely this level of televisual obsession just proves how Abed I really am? Whoa, meta.


1. Practise the Spanish rap.

I must ensure that I know it off by heart, natch.


2. Replace high fives with Troy and Abed’s handshake.

Because you know what, it’s better. Abed is better.


3. Make films.

Random videos made on my digital camera totally count.


4. Make even greater use of the word cool.

It’s there for a reason.


5. Sing more. 

Musicals are always on topic.


6. Have various wacky adventures off in the background while everyone else is arguing about random bullshit.

Preferably ones that don’t involve babies, but Abeds can’t be choosers.


7. Hum.

It’s not horribly obnoxious like whistling, after all.


8. Be endlessly obsessed with TV.

Analyse life through a pop culture lens, rather than the other (silly) way around!


9. Start watching Cougar Town.

It has Courtney Cox in it, how bad can it be? Right? Right?!


10. Generally be fantastic.

Cos Abed deserves to be up on a pedestal.


I think I’ve pretty much got this down! But we can see if my optimism is merited at the end of 2012…

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