Gloomy Sunday

Grey skies

The outside world looks rubbish these days. The skies are grey, everything’s blowing around in the wind, and there’s not even any snow to make up for it. Pah.

This is definitely the time of year for insisting on staying in. You can avoid the long night/short day problem if you ignore it hard enough, and mulled wine can’t get you into quite as much trouble if you never leave the house.

So get comfy and snuggly inside! Draw the curtains against the evils of the external! Make yourself all nice and warm by lighting a fire or applying several glasses of wine!

And, of course, entertain yourself with this latest batch of search terms. Hopefully giggling at them will ensure that you don’t feel the winter gloom at all:


Batman and Abed

There were a lot of Batman-related searches recently. Perhaps some confused Community fans have been trying to work out how to distinguish him from Abed after the last episode? They clearly can’t be the same person, even if you do never see them in the same room together, if Troy thinks they’re not. I mean he lives with Abed, he should know! And he does seem pretty smart…

i hate susan delfino

I’m not surprised that you’d say that. The main character of Desperate Housewives rendered the show practically unwatchable. I don’t think that she was quite as bad as Carrie from Sex and the City, but she definitely came close.

sexy bears

Well in the Goldilocks and the Three Bears-ish episode of Grimm there were a load of barely dressed teenage “yaegerbaden”, which are basically bear-people. Grimm has a rather elaborate mythology established already! Which includes bear boys who are pretty hot, and hopefully legal.

walking drunk

Walking, dancing, prancing, whatever. Nothing’s that hard when you’re drunk. It’s when the hangover hits that your problems really start.

aladdin and jasmine wholesome costumes

If you think that costumes from Disney films aimed at children aren’t wholesome enough to wear maybe the young princesses are overly sexualised.

How about making a Sarah Haskins costume instead? All you need are a toy panda, a packet of cigarettes and a drink.

disney princess aurora feet

Well, there’s one cartoon foot poking out… but surely foot fetishists ought to flock to Cinderella rather than Sleeping Beauty?

hot baseball player from spanish speaking country

I’ll let you pick your favourite from the Cuban team:

josh radnor+penis

Clearly people have become so convinced that his character, Ted, on How I Met Your Mother is gay that they’ve started writing real person fanfiction about him and other people’s penises. Clearly.

scantily clad baristas

Well our playmate Miss Barista has just returned from a trip to warmer climes… and she’s certainly capable of chucking scalding hot coffee at you if you persist in abusing google in this fashion.

danneel ackles feet

Here they are, hanging about the red carpet.

dean loves “sam more than” anything

Selective quotation can be used to “prove anything”. What makes you think that the Supernatural brothers even like each other?


If you ask Miss Penn very nicely she might tell you a story about someone sexing up an Arctic duck. Until then, this’ll have to suffice:

jensen jared naked

Check this video of them whoring themselves out for People’s Choice Awards votes. Even if you hate to watch them leave, I don’t think you’ll mind seeing them walk away:

“bones” “fanfiction” “her.prosthetic”

Her prosthetic what? There’s a prosthetic stomach in this one apparently…

anked cowboys

Here’s an inked cowboy, if you want naked ones you’re really going to have to learn to type.

high heeled elfs

Wonderfully summery if you ask me.

calvin and hobbes as cowboys

ass trapped in dress

I’m sure this happens a lot:

barney how i mat your mothers and robin how i met your pussy

Hey, How I Met Your Mother is wholesome! They didn’t even include the punchline to the jam/peanut butter joke

the internet

I don’t get it.

sheldon cooper cowboy

Well he is from Texas.

i’m a wingman then a man with wings

Castiel, is that you?

return to oz snuggle the wheelers fanfiction

This? The Wheelers were frrrreaky though!

pitchers of dragons

please…. please,,,,… pardon daddy, no spank me my bottom please !!!!!!, i promise never take alcohol another

That sounds a bit like J.D. McCoy from Friday Night Lights…and also rather disturbing.

r.kelly smoking cigarette

Pfft he’s way too cool for mere cigarettes…

the weather is sunny


serious penis

Cheer up! the things that make from tree

You can make a lot of stuff from trees… apple pie, mahogany furniture, origami paper… be more specific! and south east asia twilight

Oddly specific searches for this and this respectively.

david cameron fucking menace

You said it.

jensen ackles wife have sex 1

ed westwick leighton meester rpf’s


who sings all that i do, all that i say, in the end it all goes away

No one that I know of, you’re mangling System Of A Down’s lyrics.


Definitely involves a womanly roar according to Parks and Recreation:

jensen ackles 1983 long hair

He would’ve been five in 1983, I doubt his hair was all that impressive!

miss understood and mr meaner art

Are you stalking a couple of our playmates?


How about we stop essentialising youth? Then maybe age won’t seem so strange

jensen ackles and jared padalecki air force military

Nonsense, they’re cowboys!

SciFiPulse and Alexandra Scarpello understand why cowboy Jensen and Jared are our mascots… they alleviate winter gloom and doom pretty well!

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