All I want for Christmas

Like Miss Thropist, I’m somewhat startled to find that it’s already December… which means sparkling lights, mulled wine… and battling increasingly harassed shoppers on crowded streets in the hopes of securing something that will delight a loved one, even for just a few moments. Joy to the world!

This year I’m doing Santa a favour and asking for the kind of gifts that can’t be found in a shop. I’m asking for gifts on behalf of my favourite characters and shows on TV – as well as my fellow viewers.

Most of the following shows are taking a holiday hiatus for the next month or so, and I have complete faith that will give Santa and his elves plenty of times to get plotlines, characterization and whatnot hammered to rights in his magical workshop.

(I also still want actual presents, Mum and Dad.)

More Dair on Gossip Girl

I seem to be in the minority among my GG-watching pals, but I am Team Dair all the way. I loved their chaste secret friendship, their unexpected kiss and Dan writing about Blair in his novel.  I want more!  So many relationships on GG are so twisted – least of all Chuck and Blair – that the slow-burning nature of Dan and Blair’s potential romance could make for a refreshingly real and healthy love affair. I actually used to detest Dan Humphrey and his constant self-righteousness, but his unrequited passion for Blair has done a lot to bring him down to earth. And any storyline that led to less bizarrely-accented Prince Louis would be a bonus.

Don’t let Community get cancelled

TV Land NEEDS shows like Community, shows that are willing to take creative leaps that make sense within the show’s universe, like the claymation episode  “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” – one of the best and most magical holiday specials I have ever seen! Sadly the powers that be have put Community on an indefinite hiatus, which makes the prospect of a fourth season even more unlikely. But with Santa’s help, maybe we’ll luck out and get six seasons and a movie!

Reveal A’s identity on Pretty Little Liars

PLL is one of my top guilty pleasures – it’s absolute crack, with its twists and turns and ludicrous outfits. It’s like a baby Desperate Housewives back in the days when DH was actually good. But one of my biggest concerns is the way they keep building up the mystery of “A”, the liar’s cyber stalker. With a show like Gossip Girl, it doesn’t actually matter if we never find out who GG is – but if PLL keeps holding out on us, it’s quickly going to get as frustrating as Lost. I won’t be able to stick with a show if I feel like it can never deliver on its promises. We’re halfway through season 2 and the questions are far outweighing the answers. All we really know about A is that he/she has pretty eyes and can walk around wearing black gloves without attracting strange looks. I’m hoping they reveal A’s identity by the season’s end – and find new ways to amp up the storytelling.

Let Ted meet the Mother on How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother serves as a cautionary tale for PLL – it’s definitely drawn out the Mother mystery for way to long and become a bit lazy with its mythologizing. In retrospect, it would have worked best as a five-season show. I don’t blame the showrunners for wanting it to run longer, unfortunately much of what made HIMYM such a delight its first few seasons is getting increasingly thinly spread out. I’m hoping that by the end of this current and seventh season we finally meet the Mother and that the next season will be the final one and focus on convincing that the Mother has been worth waiting so long for! (Plus Miss Thropist will owe me dinner.)

New credits for American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy’s new “psychosexual” horror drama is one of my favourite new shows of 2011, despite a rather unpleasant pilot. It is fabulously weird and unlike a few other shows, actually seems to know how to unravel its mysteries. I like finding out the answer to something before I’ve forgotten the question! However, I vehemently despise the opening credits, with the seriously unsettling score and pictures of dead babies with red cheeks. The fact I watched the whole thing in the pilot may be why I was on edge for the rest of the episode – and for hours afterwards! Now when I watch a new episode I get very tense trying to zip through the credits without absorbing any creepy children or missing anything crucial. Can’t they borrow the awesome opening from True Blood? Or settle for a titlecard, like in Glee or Supernatural?

Also, I am not certain that the following is actually the opening credits… because I couldn’t face watching it. I wouldn’t recommend you do either!

A less Kelly-centric Misfits

Oh Nathan, how I miss thee. I was quite apprehensive of a Robert Sheehan-free Misfits, but it didn’t seem all that lacking. Until it became all about Kelly. She’s gotten to beat up Hitler, swap bodies with a coma victim and win the man of her dreams. I’m fond of the mouthy chav with a heart of gold and a facelift of Croydon, but like with most breakout characters, less is more! Misfits works best as an ensemble – I’m hoping the other characters get a chance to shine in the remaining episodes. I wouldn’t mind more insight into Kelly’s tasty dealer squeeze Seth for a start…

No more stereotypes on 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is another of my new favourite shows, and the fact it comes in a 20-minute format makes it a particularly nice change of pace from the hour dramas I’m juggling. I’m quite surprised I liked it at all – the premise seemed a bit old-fashioned and overly sitcommy: two very different girls end up becoming roomies and cafe coworkers, and join forces to save up for their own cupcake business. But Kat Dennings as Max is fantastic (and verrry easy on the eyes) and I’ve even warmed to Beth Behrs’ Caroline, a Paris Hilton-esque former rich girl who is on the outs after her Bernie Madoff-like father is sent down. I love the dynamic between the girls, their banter, the Brooklyn setting (apparently highly inauthentic, but I only spent a few days there!) and feel the whole show is very suited to these times of recession. But I DO NOT LIKE the stock stereotypes – the girls’ boss is a tiny Chinese man with a pronounced accent and the chef is a sleazy Russian man, also with a pronounced accent. The laugh track can also go. This isn’t the 90s, show.

A satisfying ending for Chuck

Chuck, the show that could, is on its fifth and final season. My love for the show has waned since the heady early days, but I’m hoping it can bow out gracefully. The first few episodes have been overly Morgan-centric and thus extra irritating and dull, but I’m hoping Santa can turn it around and dish up a few more good episodes before it’s goodbye for good. Would an emotionally satisfying finale be too much to hope for? And maybe some Scott Bakula?

A girlfriend for Raj on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory began as a show about some nerdy guys, a slightly bimbo-ish and beautiful blonde across the hallway, and the hilarity that ensued as their worlds collided. The ratio of females to males is almost completely balanced these days, with the addition of Bernadette and Amy, but poor old Raj is still unlucky in love. All he’s had recently is not-quite sex with Penny and a deaf gold-digger. I think it’s about time the selective mute/functioning alcoholic got a decent love interest – even the sexless Sheldon has a girlfriend of sorts!

Bring back Friends with Benefits

I wasn’t sure about Friends with Benefits, but by about halfway through its 13 episodes, I was smitten and then devastated by its already cancellation.  Still, it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all. And it’s even better if Santa brings it back from the dead – even for just one episode. Say a Christmas special?

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. I HEART THIS SO MUCH. They are all extremely reasonable wishes/demands…except the Dair… especially as I want Chuck to have more to do so Ed Westwick is properly shackled to the show and can never ever leave!

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