The Decemberists

It’s somehow December already- a fact which confuses and terrifies me. I swear that a minute ago it was January. January 1991.

Even if time does seem to be passing at an alarmingly accelerated rate, December does bring with it some perks at least. There’s mince pies, Baileys and time off in the offing!

I think it’s a bit too soon into the last month of the year to start talking about the polemical C-word of the season, which means that it’s not time for me to bust out my festive playlist yet either. (Ms Ouse makes strange faces when I subject her to its beauty, I’m not sure why.)

So I thought I’d focus on ten of my favourite songs about winter and the cold. The carols and Chanukah tunes can wait.

Squirrel Nut Zippers – ‘Winter Weather’

Although it’s  from a holiday themed album, this cutesy song is simply about loving the cold.  Despite the frat boy-esque name (which actually has a pretty interesting origin story) the band have a bluesy swing sound that I’m certain you want to listen to. Right now.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan – ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

There’s countless versions of this standard, but I think this one’s my favourite. (The genderbending Charles Nelson Reilly/Karen Morrow version from one of the randomest albums of all time comes in close though.)

Regina Spektor – ’20 Years of Snow’

If you have no desire to sing along to this snow song then I have no idea what’s wrong with you.

Belle & Sebastian – ‘Winter Wooskie’

I’m pretty sure this song can be taken as an admonishment to put some more clothes on, and as an advocate of the practice of wearing as many layers as possible I’m powerless to resist.

M.O.P. – ‘Cold As Ice’

You can’t go wrong with a Foreigner sample. True story.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow’

This song is a touch creepy anyway, after all it is Nick Cave, but I’d suggest not listening to it in an empty bus station in an unfamiliar city in the snowy early morning. Cos if you do you probably will scream when someone surprises you. Not that I’ve done that or anything. Ahem.

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – ‘My Freeze Ray’

This is probably my favourite song from Dr Horrible (which, if you haven’t, you really should watch). He just wants to freeze stuff! What’s so wrong with that?

Tori Amos – ‘Winter’

There’s a lot of songs about the seasons which focus on the passing of time (Joni Mitchell’s ‘The Circle Game’ being my all time favourite), and this Tori one captures how childish wonder at winter contrasts with the nostalgia of older people.

Elliott Smith – ‘Angel in the Snow’

It’s just so pretty! (In fact I’d even go out on a limb and say it’s prettier than ‘Pretty Mary K‘…)

John Legend – ‘Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside)’

This’ll warm you right up. I promise.

Tell us about the songs you like to warble along to in wintertime in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The Decemberists

  1. love this! I actually think it’s OK to bust out the Christmas playlist… then again Christmas might feel over before it’s done. This is a good lead-up! HEART TORI & NPH.

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