The good, the bad and the pretty/ugly

As I trawled through the past fortnight’s search terms, I found myself either salivating or gagging. Can you guess what did what?

angelina jolie looking dirty

Hello! I assume she’s dirty – why else would she be licking herself?

angelina jolie bathing suit

Don’t mind if I do.

spn fan fiction jared raped his co- star jensen first time

I don’t think so! Look how much these dudes love one another. There’s nothing forced about it.

using childrens popular culture in the primary classroom

Seems like a good idea!

drag king barbie

Looking good. I’m not sure what’s going on with Skipper. Lady Gaga dragged through a hedge?

white abed

AKA the reason I knew I’d be watching Community for keeps. Gotta love a doppelganger.

tammy parks

Ron Swanson, my favourite Parks and Recreation character, has a thing for Tammys. He married two – and his mother was one too…

sodapop curtis from the outsiders abs

Hello my pretty!

homer simpson eating healthy

I see most of the major food groups represented here. The Sun seems to think he’d make a good poster boy for healthy eating…

jensen ackles baby

I’d know those eyes anywhere… anytime.

lesbian girls in super heels

They will kick your ass… and then make out.

barbie ken sex

Look away!

what saturday morning animated series, based on a hit tv show, added a dog named mr. cool and and girl from the future named cupcake to its cast? their mission was to return to 1957 milwaukee.

You seem to know a lot about a show that you don’t know the name of!

natalie portman naked?

Watch Closer. She plays a stripper.

genderfuck skirt man

Marc Jacobs – pulling it off. While putting it on.

renaissance cleavage

Just a hint – like her smile. Lisa keeps it classy.

big coloring book of vaginas

I’m not really sure you’d get to use all the colours in the paintbox…

cigarette smoking babes

Baby Herman, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? He ain’t afraid of stunting his growth.

how to draw a over the top unicorn wing

Follow these instructions and I’m, um, sure you can come up with something like the above.

what do people wear in camden

I look around, jostled at all sides, and I see this sort of thing through the grime and grease…

steve o pcp saved my life

Wow! We’re pretty great, aren’t we?

why is nathan fillion getting fat

This again!! Sigh. I’m not saying he IS getting fat, but if he was, I’d blame Keri Russell’s pies.

frum jew playing with her boobs

Do you understand what frum means? Also, Google thinks you should use the whole word.

eyes cute shrek

Don’t be fooled.

morally wrong to break up niles and mels marriage for daphne

Meh, maybe… but didn’t most people want these crazy kids to get together? And why are you still dwelling on this, 11 years later? There are plenty more will-they-wont-they couples to agonise over. Try The Vampire Diaries.

vaginal egg laying porn

Careful! One thing will lead to another and the next thing you know, you’ll have a baby with the voice of Bruce Willis. Or Roseanne. Shudder.

american pie slutty

The pie wasn’t slutty, it was taken advantage of. Yes, Jim, you SHOULD be ashamed of yourself.

lesbians romance over 40

Ellen’s 53 and seems to have a good thing going with the almost-40-year-old Portia de Rossi.

oscar the grouch, grumpy

Weirdly, there are more pics on Google of Oscar smiling than looking remotely grouchy.

2 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the pretty/ugly

  1. I have actually seen someone in Camden wearing a gorilla outfit, they were part of the Comedy of Errors cast but it was in the Regents Park Open Air Theatre so it TOTALLY COUNTS.

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