Don’t be Afraid of the Dorks

I understand why someone might be scared to take a peek at the search terms that lead people to Pop Culture Playpen. Quite frankly they can get freaky.

But there’s no need to worry, even though it’s an ostensibly spooky time of year right now. I promise to guide you through this Search Term Sunday safely. There might be shocks and scares along the way, but you’ll come out safely (if somewhat curious about some really weird stuff) on the other side.

how tall is christina hendricks

Seriously, her height is the measurement you’re interested in?

lana cat costume smallville

Here’s a blurry picture of something which appears to fit that. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that the internet doesn’t have more love for Kristin Kreuk in a cat-suit.

miss mister and ms muffin doll

Which sounds like the best potential new Playmate?

princess daphne porn

Good luck finding pictures of this Dragon’s Lair character appropriately dressed instead!

examples of maps for kids

If you feel that your children are incapable of understanding a proper map you should probably just give up and disown them.

super mario gay

in 2005, jared was cast in the role of the endearing & troubled sam winchester on “supernatural,” opposite actor, jensen ackles. his brilliant portrayal of sam has brought so much to this show, and it wouldn’t be nearly as amazing without him. jared is also actively involved with the charities: & he is married to actress, genevieve cortese & they are expecting a baby in …

Don’t stop there, you tease!

chuck bass we heart it

I assume this is relevant to your interests.

drunk baseball players

If you were going to choose a Creedence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty song as the soundtrack for a baseball video why wouldn’t you pick ‘Centerfield’?! It’s about baseball!

jared padalecki hot sweating

“long to pee” puberty -dog

I’m not sure if that’s about a longing to pee, or it taking a long time to do so. Or what it has to do with us.

disney princess stockings i998

I am utterly disgusted! It’s only October, it’s not time to be thinking about Christmas yet. FOR SHAME.

remembering the spring

I barely remember what sunshine is like myself.

poor children toons

They can’t even afford colour…

harry potter ugly spell

No, that’s just what Daniel Radcliffe’s face looks like.

i feel that everything seems to be on


nude cowboys horseback riding

Our mascots, Cowboy Jensen and Jared, do seem to spend a lot of time nekkid:

polly bitch pocket

That girl’s naaaasty:

disney princess is a walt disney company franchise, based on fictional characters who have been featured as part of the disney character line-up

Well colour me shocked.

soho guy with cat on head

As if that’s weird for New York, have you seen how the Gossip Girl characters dress?

ted mosby bitches love fun facts

More proof that How I Met Your Mother‘s Ted is simply awful, as if it was needed.

zooey deschanel before after blonde

She looks bizarre as a blonde!

closet animation


vintage porno vhs

Don’t mock the classics.

jensen ackles feet

Proving that no one ‘s are pretty:

guy dressing up as tiger porn furry

Here’s Congressman David Wu, I bet he’d get on with Dean Pelton from Community:

not naked lesbo porn

There’s quite a lot of things which fall within the bounds of not being naked lesbian porn. Here’s one that I’m quite sure you need in your life:


doc martin infinite come back again

If it’s infinite how can it have gone away to need to come back again? Whatever it is we’re talking about.

the corpse brides husband

The Corpse Husband, surely?

“being human” george over “enunciate”

Yes. This. His bizarre over-enunciation was one of the many things that put me off Being Human.

jared padalecki riding a unicorn

What, this one?

zachary quinto came out

True story.

pizza rule 34


what brand of cigarettes does nathan smoke in misfitshow to get hair like that irish guy from misfits and what is that dark blue jacket nathan wears in misfits

Who the hell cares, he’s left the show. Sob.

mouse angel

I’m going to hope this is a weird Hallowe’en costume for someone’s pet, because it’s far too early to be thinking about taxidermy Christmas decorations.

barbie hair to print and where can i wherethis barbie hair

This sounds like a job for a 3D printer, and maybe a homonym-checker.

why do the bing bang theory guys dress like the 80’s

A valid question (if you replace ‘bing’ with ‘big’ at any rate). Maybe that’s the last time anyone considered them cool? Except Sheldon, obviously. He’s always cool.

linkedin ‘elaine gentile’

We are not LinkedIn. Also, Hot Topic is not punk rock, and the Earth is not flat.

prince harry and william gay fanfiction jared padalecki jensen ackles

The Supernatural boys are so pretty they could probably distract one from noticing ugly royals on screen, but I’m not sure they could do the job so well in prose, which makes the idea truly scary.

i am lesbians clothing

me french kissing my brother

Google isn’t quite sentient enough to know who you are when you’re using it to search for stuff on the web…at least I hope it isn’t.

The princess who had no kingdom

It’s ok to let letters sit next to each other you know. Check out Miss Penn’s review of this children’s book anyway.

consequences of homophobia:

Bad things. Watch some Leeds Animation Workshop films instead.

for the song is indescribably sad sort of like sugarshock

Which song? ‘Gloomy Sunday’ is apparently the saddest:

are there some situations or places where you should dress modestly in france?

Moulin Rouge certainly never gave me that impression.

knave of hearts costume

Don’t take wearing one as an excuse to steal some tarts.

funny buffy and spike pics

It’s funny cos it’s true.

round map of the world

I think we’re just calling that a globe these days.

disney movie villains vs heroes

angel,fairies,frog,vampires,prince & barbies

Is this a list of spell ingredients?

putting up an umbrella

It’s really not all that complicated.

jensen ackles jewish

Naw, I think you’ve got the wrong kinky Texan. You want some Friedman:

“frasier” fandomsecrets

Pfft, I feel that reading “I secretly think that Frasier Crane is annoying” over and over again would get old pretty fast.

tree fetish

Listen to ‘I’ve Had Harry Potter Inside Me’ by The Whomping Willows, it sounds right up your street:

disney african american stereotypes

Wait, there’s racism in Disney films? Say what?

“supernatural” “jared” “jensen” “sneeze” “nose” “fanfiction” -“27_jaredjensen”

Amazingly, not that difficult to find examples. Apparently there’s a whole world of sneeze fetishism.

spanking jessica rabbit

sunday images

Well that basically describes this entire endeavour, good stuff.

I hope you haven’t been too traumatised by all of this, and are able to enjoy your Hallowe’en festivities in style!

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