Life’s a beach

Or something that sounds very similar… you may or may not have noticed that PCP has been quieter of late. That’s because Miss Thropist and I have both entered a new phase in our lives. No, we haven’t run off into the sunset and made babies – she’s re-entered the ivory towers to analyse the digital universe while I have recently moved back to London and begun a job in publishing. We’ve let a lot of things slide in the past few weeks, and realised that something had to give until life settles down again.

So, for the foreseeable future, we’ll be posting about as half as much as usual – and we’ll only be mocking our oddbod Googlers every two weeks rather than every week.

I’m sure you’ll understand – and anyway, a little bit of what you fancy does you good. Absence make the heart grow fonder. Never make a pretty woman your wife. And all those cheesy cliches. We love our cliches.

jared padalecki-jensen ackles no pants

How about just Jensen no pants? At least I think the aim of the brick-patterned pants is to make him seem naked!

interesting family wincest 

The Winchesters are certainly interesting. And incestuous. Observe Mary Winchester macking on her dad. He may be possessed by a demon but it’s still gross.

some lovely armpits

Don’t you just want to sniff ’em? Braid the hairs?

slutty penny big bang

I wouldn’t say Penny is slutty! Easy maybe. Especially when drunk. Aren’t we all, really?

girls toilet peeing

We girls do like to pee in the toilet, but that’s not all we do in there.

doppelganger gang and porn doppelgangers and fully clothed porn

There’s a lot of twins and doppelgangers in the shows I’m watching at the moment – very confuzzling. And lots of clothed sexual tension.

treasure planet jim porn

Whatever floats your boat.

nude scott bakula and “scott bakula” naked  and scott bakula nude

I’m confident there is naked Scott Bakula between the pages of this magazine. But I was only 10 when this hit the stands – far too young to appreciate the Doc’s hirsute charms.

kermit joint

I think he’s been smoking Oscar!

ernie and bert stoned

Sesame Street is a depraved place to live.

pics of people getting stoned  and images of getting stoned

Here are HIMYM’s Future Marshall, Future Lily and Future Ted eating “sandwiches”.

house as a scary clown

I’m not scared.

christina hendricks legs

Seriously, you’re focusing on her legs? I barely realised she had any. They are quite nice tho.

indonesian six pack

Ade Rai is a marvel. He dispenses health advice for The Jakarta Post. He’s so veiny.

brian froud boy

I was just wondering to myself about Brian Froud’s son, who played Toby the tot in Labyrinth. I imagined him to be ancient and really hot. It turns out he’s only a year older than I am – and unfortunately not my type!

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