Sunday burning

No, I’m not in a particularly heretic mood. But it is a Sunday and I’m on fire. At least, my back was, and now it resembles a lacy red lizard, a lasting souvenir of my recent trip to Spain. (Part of the reason PCP was taken over by Emmas last weekend.)

You’re all on fire too – but in the good, non-peeling way. I’m liking you weirdo Googlers this week, because you have given me the chance to think about all kinds of pop cultural goodies and stare slack-jawed at sexy scantily-clad men and women, in the name of “blogging”. Keep it coming!

french kiss jensen ackles

Don’t mind if I do! Oh wait, Mrs. Ackles got there first. S’OK, I’ll just watch.

danneel ackles sex scene

There are Danneel sex scenes aplenty in Friends with Benefits! Which was heartbreakingly cancelled after 12 episodes, just as it got really good. This world does not make any sense.

aladin high quality porn fairy tale, lots of big boobs and monster cocks

What was that? You want to see a clip of “A Whole New World”? OK!

rachel mcadams- childhood photos

I’m sure she wasn’t a Mean Girl back then!

reconstituted family

According to Paul Theroux, Spam is the closest thing to human flesh.

uneven 6 pack

OK this is one scantily-clad person I could have done without seeing! Celebrity Big Brother‘s grotesque Darren “Mr. Paparazzi” Lyons, complete with ab implants. Bleurgh.

cordelia chase (porn star) and miss cordelia chase naked

No doubt the career path the destitute Cordelia would have taken had it not been for Angel Investigations. Read all about it here. Still, would it have been a worse fate than being possessed by a Goddess, getting knocked up by the love of her life’s son and then never waking up from a coma?

katherine moennig vs meg ryan

I never realised but they do look a little alike! It’s probably the hair, mostly. But if this is a contest, Shane wins. Shane always wins.

polly pocket pretty bunnies

I had this! They were so soft. But got dirty very quickly.

penis tuck

Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs gives the art of penis tucking a very bad name. And me recurring nightmares. Put it away! Oh wait you did! Ah!

howard wolowitz jew nose

SAY THE WHOLE WORD. But yea, he does kinda look like Ringo Starr. Who isn’t Jewish.

big bang theory leonard funny face

Oi! That’s one of my boyfriends you’re talking about there!

warring tits

Them’s fighting birds! Courtesy of

hello kitty vampire slayer

The stake is behind her back. The ass-kicking is all in the boots.

buffy kill edward


what is the store julia roberts and richard geare shopped at in pretty women?

They shopped all over Rodeo Drive.

age regression into a baby young

My enjoyment of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was rather hampered by Brad Pitt looking like a wizened old man and acting like a child for waaay too much of the film.

which invention did roald dahl really admire – better than buttons?

I’d love to say George’s Marvelous Medicine, but, it was probably the Wade-Dahl-Till valve.

how old is eric on true blood

Slightly over one thousand years old. What’s his secret I wonder? Sexing up fairy waitresses?

which vibrator did charlotte use on sex in the city and resulted in her disappearing for the rest of the episode?✰

I believe you’re after one of these bad bunnies.

robert downey jr chances are

Sigh. This is probably my very favourite RDJ film, though it’s a close heat between Hearts and Souls and Only You. In Chances Are, he is so charming and beautiful that you forget that he’s cheating on his daughter/girlfriend with his widow/potential-mother-in-law. I want him to make another romcom!

2 thoughts on “Sunday burning

  1. Them’s fighting birds indeed!!

    I hope your entire back hasn’t peeled off!! At least you have a reasonable excuse to cry and wail, and you can get out all your sadness about FwB being cancelled at the same time. Meep.

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