Search term Sun-gay

As you may be aware Pop Culture Playpen has been taken over by Emmas.

There is a theme to this week’s Search Term Sunday, see if you can guess what it is. The title might give a you clue… Happy GAY Sunday!

No gays were hurt in the making of this article, and this really wasn’t hard to do as most of the terms people searched for involved either something gay or pornographic. (We count naked Jensen Ackles as fitting into both these categories.)

And dragons. No gay dragons as yet though. Disappointing. Upsetting. I demand to pet a gay dragon right NOW.

Gay pant

 I wish I was these pants.

Vagina teeth and teeth the film


We have to love this film as it’s true that all lesbians hate men. And that all straight women do too. Men are just shit really. This film would definitely be in my list of perfect period movies. Along with….

Singing in the rain

Very fitting with the theme. And after a good sing-along you might find yourself hating men less.

Dark magic girl hot


I think Willow from Buffy in season 6 defiantly fits this bill. Have a picture. Also bonus points for being a lesbian.


The l word shane, shane the l word jane, sexy lesbian.


As we have taken over we have made Shane from The L Word the official mascot of Pop Culture Playpen, which judging from your searches many of you will be happy with. I like her in season 2 best.


Jensen ackles cowboy, jensen ackles naked pictures, jared and jensen gay, almost nake hunks jensen ackles


Ah the former mascot. From times pre-Emmas. The big Emma takeover of 2011. Oh ok as this is just as gay, we do also love Jensen.


Romantic pics of couples

Awww! Probably the cleanest nicest search term that has lead people to Pop Culture Playpen this week.


Sperm donor

You’ve come to the right place. We present you with playmate Captain Fancy Pants. But we saw him first.


High heels lesbo


Oh, oh that’s me! Yeah. No, high heels make the ouchies. More Captain Fancy Pants. Look at the heels on that sperm bank.

Olivia wilde kissing a woman

Olivia Wilde is bi in House and was a lesbian in The OC, and, as she is really quite attractive.

Gay furry Porn

Do you mean bears? Or is this a pro-minge stance? I like it. But I don’t get it.


Ms Barista is a gay friendly playmate who is an expert on this subject.

Bert and Ernie picture frame

The ultimate bromance puppets.


Angel and Spike

Here’s a video of them being gay together. I personally find it quite romantic. And hot.

Drag kings


Always, always sexy.

 Angelina Jolie body


Also always, always sexy. I do know that this isn’t her body.

World maps with countries

This is just stupid. How could you have a world map without countries? Miss Thropist would hate this. Imagine there’s no countries….

Gay “my little pony” sex


Happy Sunday everyone!

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