Emmas of Pop Culture

The Emmas have taken over.

The regular Pop Culture Playpen team have temporally left civilisation and have no contact with the internet. As such they have foolishly left two silly women who go by the name of Emma in charge.

We would like to take this opportunity to promote awareness of an issue that we are particularly concerned with.

Although we, the Emmas, disagree on how to pronounce this name (Em-er Vs Eh-mah) we have put aside our differences to come together to write this article. So without further ado we present to you: The Emmas’ top ten Emmas in popular culture (in no particular order)!

1. Emmerdale (Zoe Tate)

Just reading this word makes me bored, even though it does have Emma (or, rather, “Emmer”) in the name. This programme is so boring that even my 81-year-old Nan falls asleep to it on a daily basis. Credit where it’s due they did have the first lesbian character on a UK soap opera (Zoe Tate) who went on to have the first lesbian wedding in soapland in 1996. However British Queer as Folk sums up many people’s thoughts with the quote (something along the lines of):

Nathan: “My parents are well homophobic. When Zoe Tate had the lesbian wedding on TV they turned it off”.

Gay man: “That’s no homophobia, that’s just good taste”.

2. Emma from Glee

Oh, she’s just lovely. She makes OCD adorable. Except the whole Afternoon Delight thing. Although a potentially annoying character due to how squeakily clean she is (no pun intended), with eyes like the cute kitten from Shrek 2 she’s almost impossible to not love.

3. Emma from Friends

Emmas are a neglected bunch. We are rarely sung about, rarely rhymed with, and rarely inspire great works. The key exception to this is clear, in the form of Phoebe’s wonderful birthday song for baby Emma:

Your name poses a dilemma.
‘Cause not much else rhymes with Emma!
Maybe the actor Richard Crenna,
He played the commanding officer in Rambo.
Happy birthday Emma!”

And now you all know the lyrics you can sing it to us on our birthdays. But please don’t.Not a picture of the actual baby Emma, but a good excuse for a picture of a baby in an animal costume

4. Emma Caulfield, Anya in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

For me Anyanka, vengeance demon who fell for Xander, is one of the best characters on Buffy. She offers very welcome funnies, and her blond hair in season 6 is rather cute. She is socially strange and terrified of bunnies; she clearly has the neurotic Emma charm.

Based on the Emmas we have identified so far, Anya and Glee’s Emma, we all know how the Friends’ baby Emma would grow up; obsessive and weird, but kinda kooky cute.

5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an awful actress, right up until the very last Harry Potter film. She over-acts everything and seems to predominantly act with her eyebrows. She pulls off certain aspect of the Hermione character, due to being type cast as annoying and posh. However in the books Hermione is so much more than this; she’s a smart, powerful woman who takes charge while remaining sympathetic, insightful and slightly mumsie in a good way. This, like many other aspects of Harry Potter books, does not translate into the films. In the films Hermione is just irritating.

Although, as she is my namesake, I must say I enjoy the presence of Emma Watson in pop culture, and it has led to me getting some rather interesting fan mail.

Also since the end of the Harry Potter films, with her new pixie hair cut,  we find her a bit cute.

6. Emma by Jane Austen

The Playmates are Austen-lovers, and, clearly, she loves us back. This book, which later inspired Clueless, revolves around a self-centred controlling matchmaker, but we like her, and it, and Clueless, which gave us so many life lessons. For example, anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good, it is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties but it is quite another to be fried all day, and street slang is an increasingly valid form of expression in which most of the feminine pronouns do have mocking, but not necessarily misogynistic undertones. Also how to roll with your homies.

7. Emma Thompson

Is a really good British female actress and writer who is a true credit to the name. starring in films such as: Love Actually, Sense and Sensibility and An Education.

8. Emma Bunton

Not just for the name, but for her heartfelt defence of togetherness, friendship and girl power in Spice World the movie, which everyone should rewatch right now.

 9. Emma from One Day

I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t say much about the whole Anne Hathaway thing. But I did really, really like the book. Emma is a lovely character, and although team Emma (Emm-ah and Emm-er) disagree on whether One Day is feminist or not, it’s a good read. The author wrote as a woman so well that a couple of chapters from the end I looked at the cover and thought ‘What, she’s called David?’

10. Emma from Clerks II

This Emma character is the ‘catch’, the girl who is miraculously with loveable loser-guy. See also Anya.

7 thoughts on “Emmas of Pop Culture

  1. Yay for Emmas! (both ‘Ah’ and ‘Er’) Also, Emma Thompson has a pet pig that she takes for walk on a lead around whichever posh North London area she lives in. I’m guessing Hampstead. So, that’s cool.

    Can we please see a written One Day ‘Feminist or Not?’ article? Intrigued.

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  3. SO CUTE. I think Austen’s Emma is probably my favourite, though Glee’s is adorable I must admit. I want to watch Clueless RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, who’s with me?!

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