Spoil me!

Now, I don’t often disagree with any of my fellow playpenners- we’re a bundle of love over here. But I’ve gotta stand up and write my piece- I love spoilers!

While Miss Thropist may not be a fan, I’ve gotta agree with Miss Penn and defend spoilers. Vehemently.

There’s a reason we have TV- to get us obsessed and addicted, like sad little crack-smoking plot-line-needing, desperate-for-character-development monkeys. Yes. That’s me. So we follow, and we watch as our favourite characters go through all sorts of trauma/humour/love life complications, and then every week they leave us hanging.

This is especially relevant if you’re a UST freak, like I am. When there are two characters who should be romantically involved, and the network is drawing it out over two seasons- well, I’m sorry, I gotta know. I’m the kind of person who phones up my friend for the gossip as soon as it happens, none of this ‘I’ll see you next week’ crap. Tell me. Tell me now.

And that’s why God invented the internet. So that we didn’t have to wait until next week to find out. Now, not only can we watch the show before it’s released, but we can watch other people pontificate on it in forums, read as the stars of the show give away hints, and generally mock the people who are so much more obsessed than us that they will go and find answers. We don’t even have to move to find out. The detective work is done.

Also, I live in the UK. So I’m automatically behind America. They know. How come they get to know and I have to wait three weeks? That sucks!

So yes, thank you spoilers, for letting me know that season three will hold a surprise pregnancy, or that there will finally be a kiss between two people, or someone’s coming out of the closet. Because that’s what keeps me watching…Otherwise, I have to wait until The Powers That Be decide they want to tell me what’s going on. And why should I have to wait for them, just because they wrote the damn thing?

Also, maybe this is just the writer in me, but the spoiler itself is not the big deal. Yes, I want to know, and if I’m obsessed enough with a TV show, I won’t be able to wait, but once I do know, I want to wonder how they’re going to make it happen. How are they going to provide the context, how will it happen, why?

So you can call it insatiable curiosity, or simply an obsessive need to be in the know, but this girl waits for no TV schedule. Give me the gossip, and give it to me now. And I’ll make all the ‘oooh’ noises when it actually happens in the show, I promise. But give it to me now.

I’m just spoiled, I guess.

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