Summer’s over, time to fall…

Where has the summer gone?

I’m finding it hard to accept it is over, but the calendar and slyly shortening days say otherwise. Not to mention that today is one of the rainiest days I have ever seen in the UK! Guess the gods are also mourning the death of a season.

Never mind, autumn is awesome. You get to layer up in cardis, coats, scarves, hats and boots, without the cold completing biting your nose off. And no matter what the weather and season, there will always be Search Term Sunday, that time of the week where we mull over the latest freaky search terms to grace our stats…

misty asshole

Asshole’s a bit strong. Annoying maybe, but come on, the girl was trying her best to repress her epic love for Ash!

frogging madness card art

A significant improvement on the Crazy Frog.

your highness name of topless amazons

Only if you promise never to actually watch this travesty. Too late, I imagine!

playpen seen on ellen degeneres show

The Ellen Show seems to thinks dogs make a suitable playpen.

friends chandler awkward

When wasn’t Chandler awkward? But that was why he was my favourite!

“nick stahl” carnivale sex scene clea duvall

They look pretty post-coital here, dontcha think? Or am I reading too much into it?

jk rowling tits

Show some respect! (But yea, she’s sexy. Possibly the sexiest multimillionaire author ever.)

sexy hamster

How about a sexy guinea pig?

bridget fonda lesbian scene

Single White Female had rather lesbian undertones.

trey tries to rape marissa

It was the weed!

sookie tits

It must be in Anna Paquin’s contract that she has to bare her breasts in every episode of True Blood‘s latest season.

jared padalecki sabrina the teen witch

No, he was too much a baby when Sabrina was on! *checks 1982 birthdate* Oh wait, he wasn’t. But I’m fairly certain you’re getting him confused with Nate Richert, who is only four years older, but has more or less fallen off the face of the earth.

cruel intentions coke

In Kathryn’s crucifix. Not as sneaky a hiding place as she thought.

bones hodgins is bad

Not bad! Just grumpy, and occasionally prone to grand theft auto.

candidates for ted’s wife himym

Been there, done that. So has Miss Thropist. Although she also thinks Ted could be gay.

80s playmates

That we would be us! Most of us were minted in the 80s, though we welcome Playmates and readers of all vintages.

phenotype and popular culture

Read this.

pictures of ponyboy curtis in his teen years

Not a challenge, speshly as The Outsiders‘ Ponyboy is meant to be 14 in the film.

jensen ackles in dazed and confused 1993 and was jensen ackles on dazed and confused

No. But I can imagine that Dean Winchester and D & C’s Wooderson would get on quite well, with their love of classic cars and nubile schoolgirls.

martin crane’s shirts in frasier

Dude had good shirts, I won’t argue with you. He has sartorially influenced Miss Thropist.

bald keri russell

I doubt Keri would actually ever shave off her beautiful locks, unless absolutely necessary, but Balderazzi can oblige with some Photoshopping.

its the best ns4w gif ever! post yours” general chat keep it dirty

If you could see into her mind, this would be waaaay more NS4W.

3 way with jessica rabbit and daphne

Like red-heads, do ya? Ariel is a good candidate to round out a toon Titian threesome.

dean winchester i think im adorable

Dean Winchester, I think YOU’RE adorable!

evil clowns smoking weed

Booth from Bones’ worst nightmare. He wouldn’t be able to arrest him or anything.

Brennan: Coulrophobia.
Booth: Huh?
Brennan: The fear of clowns. Coulrophobia. Might explain why you shot that clown last year.
Booth: (stuttering) I have no problems..clowns…stand right here, see. (the clown moves and Booth yelps and jumps)

missing unicorn

Don’t bother searching unless you’re a female virgin.

girl wearing goggles pied in the face

They don’t seem to be doing much good.

lady dido berkeley

Not an amalgamation of pop stars and a Saved by the Bell star, but a posh eco-warrior.

old men having sex with younger girls

Most films and TV shows ever? Unless you’re watching Cougar Town or Desperate Housewives. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee has a hefty age gap, by way of Alan Arkin and Blake Lively. Then there’s Pretty Little Liars, which boasts a town full of paedophiles.

yvonne strahovski smoking a cigarette

Not sure about “smoking a cigarette”, but most certainly smoking, period.

alcoholics before and after pictures

Oh Lindsay.

highschool witch entering new town book series

If The Craft had been novelized it would totally fit the bill! Or  try The Secret Circle.

tory george porn


avril lavigne naked armpits

I assume, anyway. She could be pulling a Julia Roberts.

exiting cowboys

Jared and Jensen Cowboy are about to leave the building! Because of scary shiz.

my little pony friendship is magic naked

Avert your eyes! These ponies are all STARKERS!!!

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