Suck it and see

Would you let bad buzz put you off seeing a film? I did, in the case of Sucker Punch. I had been really excited about seeing at the cinema, and I wish I hadn’t let the word of mouth put me off, because it’s recently become my new favourite flick.

I get why it attracted criticism, especially as logic and the film’s overlying message was apparently somewhat lost in the theatrically-released PG-13 cut of a naturally R-rated film. But as a woman who certainly doesn’t get off on women being exploited in films – a main point of criticism for Sucker Punch and its Sailor Moon-clad girl gang – I didn’t find this to be the case. Sure, the women are scantily clad, but women enjoy looking sexy too and I found it a stylized homage to anime and video games, rather than women simply wearing as little as possible purely to titillate. Men may have been almost solely represented as predators, but I think this shouldn’t be taken as a statement that all men are predators, rather a comment on the way that women, especially in the film’s time period (1960s), have often been subject to patriarchal institutionalization.

I’ve watched it twice in as many weeks and will watch it again. It has gorgeous imagery, girls engaging in kick ass behaviour, plays with reality and dreams in a more fun way than Inception, and poignantly and creatively addresses serious issues of abuse and mental illness. And it has fabulous musical numbers! Sucker Punch wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was very enjoyable and surprisingly well-crafted, considering it was Zack Snyder’s first original screenplay.

If you haven’t seen Sucker Punch yet and like everything I mentioned above, then give the Director’s Cut a go. And if not, at least watch this:

4 thoughts on “Suck it and see

  1. I adored Sucker Punch, and really don’t feel that it deserved the negative reviews it got.

    On the other hand maybe sometimes bad buzz can be a good indicator…I wish I’d allowed it to convince me not to watch Your Highness- what a pile of crap that was!

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