Afternoon delights

Tis a lazy Sunday afternoon and as is my duty every two weeks (unless I can palm it off onto a Playmate underling), I am wracking up worrying browsing history in an attempt to understand and mock those who discover PCP via dubious and often inappropriate search terms. There’s a particularly sexy/lewd vibe this week.

I would also quite fancy some Afternoon Delight if anyone feels like making me some?

dick print penis

By Keith Haring: Dick print in chalk.

christina hendricks niples and christina hendricks nsfw

Would Christina Hendricks boobs/cleavage do? Because it’ll have to.

brains thunderbirds without glasses

Brains without glasses just wouldn’t be Brains! How about Brains without eyes? You can wear this mask and be in with an excellent chance of Miss Day marrying you.

angelina jolie’s body

Yes please!

granny sex fetish

Watch The Golden Girls, I’m sure it’ll take care of your geriophilia.

hot tim dekay and sexy tim dekay

Tim DeKay is hot and sexy. And completely comfortable with his sexuality.

getting stoned

Basically the entire premise of the Harold and Kumar films. As well as Dude Where’s My Car?

me and dean from supernatural

Just horsing around behind the scenes of Supernatural. When that man wants to make out with you, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Sorry Danneel.

supernatural jensen cowboy episode

“Frontierland”, Season 6, Episode 18 – essentially our present for being such dedicated Supernatural fans. Cowboys and ponchos, oh my!

the change up grabbing ass

I haven’t seen this yet. But this looks like an opportune moment to grab some Ryan Reynolds/Jason Bateman ass.

what was the soundtrack of the london riots?

Captain Fancy Pants has one.

a painted portrait of princess

Early conceptual art for Tangled.

google “baby jared padalecki”

This is what you get if you do that… I’m not sure which is more awww, Jared as a baby or Jared holding a baby!

girl france

Oh the girls in France, they don’t wear no underpants!

what flavor pie did he fuck in american pie?

I’m guessing apple, but Miss Thropist thinks cherry would have been more fitting. Because he popped that, yea.

slutty mother of the bride outfit

Talking of American Pie, Stiffler’s mom was pretty slutty. I’m sure this is how she would dress at his wedding.

voila! finally, the the 40 year old virgin script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the

Voila! Have you been waiting since 2005?

vigina with teeth

Here is a vagina cake with teeth – eating it must be very confusing, on so many levels.

scott bakula penis

I’m sure there’s some Bakula peen in this edition of Playgirl. Surely he deserves a little more respect though? The man’s a legend, not a piece of meat. (Still, *drool*)

a bum smoking a newport


penny’s house big bang theory

One of the biggest mysteries on The Big Bang Theory is how Penny, a waitress-cum-struggling actress, can afford such a lovely flat. Sure she has to borrow from Sheldon one time – but how about in general? The Cheesecake Factory patrons must be big tippers.

no penis

Scandal! No wonder Barbie found it hard to commit.

bisexuality every now and then, it’s fun to taste the rainbow

Skittles taste like bisexuality? But they all taste the same!

season 18 episode 18. the emotional attempted suicide of bart simpson.

The Boys of Bummer” – Bart plays baseball, is good then not so good, becomes Springfield’s black sheep and tries to kill himself. And there’s a little too much information about Homer and Marge’s sex life. Why is this show still going on?

gothel barbie as rapunzel

She’s not doing the greatest job.

incestuous vibe between silas and nancy

According to Miss Thropist, there’s more of an incestuous vibe between Weeds’ Nancy and middle child Shane (in the middle, above). But apparently Nancy has an incestuous vibe with almost everyone.

tetley tea lady lesbian

I’m not sure she’s a lesbian but some ladies do love the smell of tea.

how much caffeine in a cup of coffee

How long is a piece of string? Miss Thropist doesn’t seem to think there’s such a thing as too much coffee or caffeine.

actor with pancakes

I miss Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And Salem.

merv lukeba disrespecting lily loveless on twitter

Did he now? They seem to be getting on pretty well in this pic.

st elmo’s fire saxophone

You mean the St Elmo’s Fire sexaphone.

7 thoughts on “Afternoon delights

  1. I wasn’t even aware that Barbie and Ken had split up, I feel so behind the times! Although quite caught up with the later seasons of The Simpsons now at least…

  2. Brilliant search terms this week! oooh i ❤ Christina Hendricks!!
    Tina off the Tetley Tea Folk – definitely not gay, she's having a thing with Sydney!
    I really miss Sabrina too….and Clarissa and Blossom!
    'Sex-a-phone' love it, all 80s sexy times involved some saxy time.
    Miss Penn

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