If I promise to go to church on Sunday, will you go with me on Friday night?

♪ if you live with me, I’ll die for you, and that’s a compromise ♪

Eh, I’ve just about had enough of serious questions, and the resultant discussions, this week. So let’s bring on the levity instead!

Round here that means that it’s time for another Search Term Sunday- looking at, and mocking, the things people have googled that brought them here this week.

promiscuous harlot

Well there’s something you probably shouldn’t  call Inara- Firefly‘s high class companion. This picture also seems to satisfy girl morena as Morena Baccarin played her.

central perk logotype

If you’re after the font- which was also used for the Friends logo itself- you can use this.

trueblood my little pony

One little pony with the True Blood logo for you.

searching nemo

Close, but no cigar.

“jensen ackles” legs

Commence mocking his ridiculous name and his bow-legged stance immediately!

harry only way is essex in soho with jay from dirty sexy things

Not my area of expertise I’m afraid, you need to refer to Miss Barista for that type of thing.

ed westwick child

Well here’s him with a child from Son of Rambow, an adorable film:

susan pevensie rule 34

Instead of focussing on porn-y images of this Narnia character, why not read Neil Gaiman’s short story, ‘The Problem of Susan’?

jewish american princess pissing

How about the ‘Telephone’ scene from Glee? Rachel’s the quintessential Jewish American princess, and while she doesn’t discretely eliminate waste in this scene at least she’s in the right place to do so:

ski doo porn

Whut? Snowmobile porn? That’s weird, even for us.

castiel angel as a cowboy

Poor Castiel didn’t get to play at being a cowboy in Supernatural, but the Winchesters did- which is why Cowboy Jensen and Jared are our mascots instead:

sunny welsh weather images

You can’t get much more Welsh than a daffodil really:

carmen the l word fan site

Why doesn’t she have her own fan site? She was one of the few likeable L Word characters after all!

completely naked glasses

You can see through anything (and essentially make anyone naked) with x-ray specs!

real pet dragons

Totally a thing. Uh-huh.

belle disney finger

Am I missing something? I see nothing significant about her digits…

peter has a strong tendency to love to hear himself talk and to insist on being center stage in every conversation. he punctuates his speech with big, swooping motions, almost as if he were intentionally overacting every line. if somebody tries to talk, he cuts them off with loud noises and his own views. people tend to get away from him as quickly as possible.

Apparently he’s gotten even worse than last week. Quelle horreur!

strawberry blonde with blonde undereath

Ok, this is kind of the other way around but it’s adorable so suck it:

my little pony gay sex

Happy Brighton Pride y’all!

Village My Little Pony People, via here.

ferngully porn

Someone’s already cosplayed (and photographed) the hell outta that idea:

mason from dead like me in 2011

Callum Blue (who played Mason) was apparently in a BBC series called Zen earlier this year. Did anyone watch it? Anyone? Anyone? …Bueller?

jensen and danneel ackles fanfiction


what does quinn’s baby look like

A baby, shockingly enough.

a living man declared dead and

…other chapters!

9 gag how i met your mother robin



buffy spike cigarette

And that’s why he’s one of my favourite TV smokers.


Not us, though I understand the confusion.

vampire diaries lexi outfit

Here ya go:

sam and dean winchester slash/alternative universe

Recs a-go-go.

jared padalecki s korset

More fic, though I’m not sure spelling like that warrants a reward.

getting stoned

The Dazed and Confused kids could probably provide some inspiration.

what rock are in the twenty seven club

Rocks tend to last a bit longer than 27 years. You can learn more about said club here instead.

geri halliwell jensen ackles

That’s a combination of people I never expected to see together, even in a search term. They are both ginger and spicy however, so perhaps it makes sense.

are there any sexy letters written about yvonne strahovski

You might be better off asking her.

clarissa explains it all opening

Good times!

kurt hummel best looks

His attempts at a sexy face, obviously:

men posing as wind up dolls

Best. Idea. Ever.

cartoon porn queen elizabeth 2

Well if you’re particularly into philately this oughta get you off. You even get to lick the real deal!

jim beaver spanks jared


keira knightley and winona ryder look alike

Yes they do. Also Natalie Portman looks like both of them, or they both look like her OR EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAS THE SAME FACE. Or something.

poster on alliteration

does jensen ackles dress like a redneck?

Um, kind of. More like a hipster’s idea of a redneck, or possibly a redneck’s take on trendy.

tag your friends disney fetishes

Name and shame!

what spice did the president remind cj craig that she had to use on turkeyon west wing movie?

Not a movie, but in the episode ‘The Indians in the Lobby’ the President apparently told C.J. that one should baste a turkey with anise, coriander and fifteen other spices.

He was pretty into turkey recipes:

President Bartlet wanted to call the Butterball Hotline once a week, you know what I think we should do on a weekly basis? Sift through PCP’s search terms and…oh, wait. We’re already doing that!

As you were.

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