Eye Know

You know what I’ve noticed? I do not write about myself enough on here, and that’s a shame cos I’m fascinating. And awesome.

Case in point: while impersonating a Benetton advert a few of us went to the Taryn Simon exhibition, A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, at the Tate Modern.

I really enjoyed the exhibition and would recommend it (especially as it’s free, which is my favourite price) but the fact that some of my visually challenged friends- including Miss Penn- had a bit of a problem reading the small print used for the explanatory text panels reminded me just how lucky I am to have good eyesight.

So as a sort of companion piece to my discussion of the noses of pop culture, here’s an ode to how good my eyes are.

I watched Kick Ass for the first time on the weekend (and loved it, it is indeed kick ass) with my cousins, and they were suitably impressed by my facial recognition skills.

The main guy (Aaron Johnson) was John in Nowhere Boy! That little girl (Chloe Moretz) played the little sister in (500) Days of Summer! That gangster (Dexter Fletcher) is actually English, he was in Lock, Stock!

But possessing the ability to function as a mini-IMDb isn’t particularly difficult, as long as you watch plenty of television and films. Let me tell you three truly tremendous tales:

Sara Pascoe

I was watching The Thick of It with Mr Meaner- the season three episode which features Richard Bacon’s radio show. And, gossipmonger that he is, Mr Meaner informed me that someone had told him that the real radio producer had been used rather than an actor. But I was certain that I recognised Sara Pascoe- who was playing the producer- from something else, and had a funny feeling that it was stand-up comedy. And, it turned out that I was right!

Not a bad spot, given that she doesn’t get much screen time in the episode and I’d only randomly seen her perform once.

Yolandi Visser

I really enjoyed the Facts and Fictions exhibition at the V&A, but I feel that going on about it would be a bit dickish since it’s already closed. However, Roelof Van Wyk’s portraits of young Afrikaners are significant, because they included the above photograph of Yolandi Visser (also known as Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Anica The Snuffling and Anri du Toit) whom I almost immediately recognised from the Die Antwoord video that Captain Pants had shown me a while before:

While her eyebrows are pretty memorable, I think that was still a pretty good catch too.

Busy Phillips

If you haven’t seen ‘Modern Warfare’- the Community paintball episode- you’re missing out, trust me. The whole thing is amazing, but one of my favourite parts are the teeny, barely noticeable, cameos from Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd. They’re two of the stars of Cougar Town, Abed’s favourite show, and Danny Pudi- who plays him- later had a cameo role in Cougar Town, as his Community character.

I was super proud of myself for spotting Busy Phillips skulking around in the background of the paintball scenes, but Miss Penn was the only one who understood what I was talking about, everyone else seemed to think my shouts of “Busy!” were signs of psychosis.

Have you got your own stories of recognising people in different media, or hanging around in the background? Wow me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Eye Know

  1. I remember Sara Pascoe – at a Fat Kitten gig, ya? She was pretty funny. I’m not sure these examples prove you have excellent eyesight though… more a good memory, as I can do this kind of shiz too and I am very very blind and will most likely bear mole children unless you can stop me crushing on myopic geeks! PROVE THAT YOUR EYES ARE GOOD. Oh wait, you read things to me at the exhibit. Carry on.

    • Well if you praise my memory you’re more likely to convince me to read things to you. Sara Pascoe was at Fat Kitten, you got excellent recollection skills too!


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