Sound of the Street

Sitting here watching the city go up in flames, and the media butcher the coverage has only made me want to create appropriate soundtrack for the London riots. So here’s the list so far, welcome to the wall of sound! (Without the irritating restrictions that Facebook puts on posting videos…)

To the rioters and to the people sitting at home watching on their TVs: what’s the point?

Let’s not write off the youth of today, criminality is the only means of expression we’ve left them with! If these kids had been politicised then maybe they could have channelled their energies into something constructive and not destructive.

If you play this through I hope you get the message! And for all of you who think violence is the only to make a point, here’s what a real protest looks like.

Got any more (lyrical) fuel to add to the fire? Tell us, or link us, in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Sound of the Street

  1. I love- and see the appropriateness- of pretty much all these songs but if I was going to pick just one it’d be Ghost Town. Despite it’s age it rings very, very true at this moment and the parallels between now and the 1981 riots are striking.

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