The horror! The horror!

As part of my Apocalypse Book challenge, I’ve been trying to finish the books I’ve somehow left half-unread. (Or more like 99% unread.) Obviously, there’s sometimes a damned good reason some books are harder to finish than others, and the sneakily slim Heart of Darkness is a doozy. I’ve actually finished it, but felt very disconnected and confused, so need to read it again before I can write about it.

I guess you’re wondering how this links to Search Term Sunday… well, while I don’t “get” Heart of Darkness just yet, its most iconic phrase — “The horror! The horror” sprang to mind as I perused our search term stats. What is wrong with you people?!

cybill shepherd hot

Hell yea she is. But a little scary at times. She also counts as a grandma in high heels – I’m not sure she actually has grandchildren, but she’s never afraid to play one!

barbie gone ugly

Even America’s Sweetheart isn’t immune the damaging effects of booze and drugs.

teen carolina teen sex fiend

Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007, is most definitely a sex fiend. That’s the best explanation I can think of for her incredibly nonsensical response to a geographical question.

film – barman with boss’s wife sex in chair

Hmm, not really sure what film that would be – my  best guess would be Cocktail. I was going to say see it and let me know, then realised I HAVE seen it, but can’t remember anything about it.

book party

Book and party, two of my favourite words,  and they are even better together. Me and the Playmates go to as many as we can blag our way into. On Thursday we went to a special gin-infused edition of Book Slam… but unfortunately things got a little ugly.

jensen ackles armpits

Praise the Castiel! Two of our biggest hits have converged and become a FrankenSearchTerm. Creepy. And also sexy.

cowboy culture

Dean Winchester is like, an expert at cowboy culture, of the Dr. Marty McFly school of thought. He knows to wear ponchos and appear slightly homosexual and everything.

doughnut or do not and donut characters

Definitely doughnut. But do not take the last one.

“unnamed sources make me crazy. just one time, i’d like to see…instead of “according to unnamed sources” i’d like to see “according to tweaky little

Well said, Mrs. President aka Abby Bartlet:

“Unnamed sources. C.J., unnamed sources make me crazy. Just one time, I’d like to see instead of “according to unnamed sources” I’d like to see according to “tweaky little ill-informed chicken-ass wannabes…” Don’t ever come to me again with unnamed sources, C.J. You don’t get any cider.”

In light of the media imploding, it would appear that “unnamed sources” are likely PIs listening to hacked voicemails…

anthony minghella, julie christie checks into a hotel room haunted by memories, or ghosts, or both

Anthony Minghella’s segment (he wrote, but didn’t direct) from New York I Love You. One of his final works, released post-humously.

which one is bert and ernie

I’m going to keep you guessing.

willow rosenberg feet

Willow can kick serious chest with those tootsies.

old men gay pissing in armpits

You know what, that’s just too tall an order. You’ll have to settle for the above.

smallboy rapinghermother

NONONONONO. That doesn’t even make sense! Have a small boy and a kitten instead.

smoke smoke smoke that cigarette

Oh James, you do make smoking look so appealing…

egg laying furries porn

I don’t really get this one but I feel the above somewhat captures the general idea.

eyepatched girlfriend

Well, eyepatched fiancee, really. In the pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall’s proposal to Lily is punctuated with a champagne cork rocketing into her eye.

dorcas lane tells minnie she is like a girl fanfiction

You can find some Lark Rise to Candleford fanfiction here. But if you ask nicely, I’m sure Miss Day would write some for you! She loves Dorcas and her vintage powerdressing.

cartoon picture of dazed look bloke

Homer Simpson, a reliable source of buffoonery and confusion. Doh!

what show is cuddy from house going to be moving to this fall

The Good Wife. Michael Ausiello smells a showdown between her character and Julianna Margulies’ protagonist.

pete has a strong tendency to love to hear himself talk and to insist on being center stage in every conversation. he punctuates his speech with big, swooping motions, almost as if he were intentionally overacting every line

Are you talking about someone I know? Or do you mean one of the Petes from The Adventures of Pete and Pete?

ted mosby sperm donor

I would totally accept sperm donations from Ted Mosby.  Hawt! But Miss Thropist thinks that How I Met Your Mother is really about Ted Mosby’s long journey out of the closet.

eat a horse

You can indeed eat a horse. You can also cut a horse’s head off and put it on your enemy’s pillow, as a good-natured warning. Or you can eat like a horse at a Hungry Horse establishment, one of my first employers. I had to wear a shirt adorned with a horse sticking its tongue out. Lovely.

elisha cuthbert incest

Do you think anything happened behind the scenes between Kiefer and his onscreen daughter? I suppose you could be referring to The Quiet, in which Elisha plays a girl having an incestuous relationship with her father.

is katherine moennig gay in real life

Yea, probably. The internet strongly suspects her of dating singer-songwriter Holly Miranda. This tweet exchange would appear to confirm it.

one a day playmate blog

I feel like you might want something we’re not selling… yet.

“pop culture” “tv”

That’s more like it.

4 thoughts on “The horror! The horror!

  1. Horrific indeed! I’m loving the HIMYM gif…especially cos only half of it is in motion! And, wow, how smart was Abbey Barlet? That’s deep.

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