I’m Sunday, I’ll be killing you here in a minute or so

Well alright, that titular Buffy quote was from a vampire called Sunday (pictured above) and not- at least as far as I know- an anthropomorphic version of the last day of the week. But when you think about it, it’s kind of true. Sundays practically do kill you sometimes.

You’re liable to be horribly hungover and terribly tired from your weekend activities- whether they’ve been wholesome or debauched. Or, if you- like quite a few of the PCP crew- spent your Saturday night entertaining a baby while necking booze, a bit of both.

So you’re all tuckered out- and you don’t even get to really relax because another week is just around the corner demanding your attention and energy. Sundays are hard.

However they’re also they day of search term sifting- I’ll be perusing the things people have googled to end up on PCP. And possibly flailing around in confusion.

pics of dean winchester with a little girl

That sounds borderline inappropriate, but the show does feature a lot of creepy kids– many of which like attacking poor Dean:

Sometimes they just want to take care of him however:

disney princess +names and disney princess names

Will that name do? Y’know if you were searching for the princesses’ names you’d probably do better if you already knew them. Whoa, mindfuck.

toon porn (disney porn)

I like the specificity, if nothing else.

supernatural fanfic sub sam spanking

There’s a comm for that! There’s a comm for everything.

barbis disney porno

What’s a barbis?

wild and angry dragons faces


my so called life rayanne lesbian

Well you can argue that Angela’s obsession with her new best friend had semi-romantic undertones.

jensen ackles teeth

Could the teeth fans overtake the armpit fetishists?!

american girl felicity day dress

Quite frankly there are few situations that can’t be improved by adding some Felicity Huffman to the mix. See, for example, Sports Night, Studio 60, Transamerica and Desperate Housewives.

pop spanking

And what can’t be improved by including Bettie Page-esque pop art?

we can sex this pregnant time?

Well Rachel and Ross thought it’d be a good idea:

xander slayer fetish

Totes true.

jensen ackles laugh

The video goes blah blah blah blah blah about My Bloody Valentine and then bam! Evil laugh!

japanese fuzzy heels

Yeah the fur trim is totally the weird thing about this outfit. Uh-huh.

slim cessna’s auto club

I don’t think we’ve ever written anything about this band, but I’m liking:

bottomless pose

look like sam dean

Apparently they’ve become imitable style icons.

“every prophet in her house”

Ah, Carnivale quotes. Good times.

any sugar mummy who wants to date a young guy from johannesburg?

Perhaps. Good luck!

“# ews # submit a new story # groups”

A sneaky way to search for hash perhaps?

is the smallville promo picture of jensen ackles real

The bulge picture? It does appear to be:

is it pop or puff the magic dragon at fairy prak?.com.au

Why would it be Pop the Magic Dragon? What? Bloody Aussies.

naked lollipop

Well here’s a load of them free of their constraining wrapping. What a tame kink!

anne dudek buffy

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that never happened. She’s been in Bones which stars Buffy alum David Boreanaz however.

sammy from supernatural crying

So. Much. Emo.

firefly rule 34

Here ya go, Mal/Wash slash courtesy of littlestyo:

alicia silverstone clueless pictures

Oh such a good film- I’m craving a re-watch right the fuck now!

meaning of sunday morning in pop culture

Search terms, duh.

the animals of farthing wood sexism

There’s accusations of such. Don’t tell Ms. Elaine E. Ouse, it might make her sad.

site:. edu inurl: blog “post a comment” – “dress” – “comment”

I completely understand how that brought you here. Oh wait, no I don’t. At all.

“pied in the face” -pattinson -murdoch -phillies -yankees -sox -baseball

Um. Yes.

burlesque christina aguilera outfit police


martin sheen & stockard channing fanfiction the west wing

Well here’s some fanfiction about their characters, I’m not going to encourage RPF about old people.

is joss whedon (buffy the vampire slayer) jewish

You remember the part where Joss took over the role of Buffy from SMG? Nah, I don’t either.

Anyway I’m pretty sure he’s not Jewish, and I’m certain he’s an angry atheist:

jared padalecki and jensen ackles not talking

If you find their voices distasteful, why not look at pictures of them dressed as cowboys instead?

ah, the weirdness of pop culture

It’s like you’re reading my mind man!

I think I’d better get away from the internet before I start believing that the search terms truly are psychically connected to my thoughts.

Right, I’m off to a Dizraeli gig in Miss Barista’s garden- cos the Sundays that don’t try to kill you are often full of fun and beer.

2 thoughts on “I’m Sunday, I’ll be killing you here in a minute or so

  1. Yet again most of these just make me think What??

    Remember when you did you 10 best supernatural episodes. Would be good if you did that for Buffy…. just saying 🙂

    • As someone who apparently sees Buffy references in everything you’d think I’d be able to do a top 10 of Buffy episodes…but would I be able to narrow it down to just ten?!

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