Last week Miss Penn sweetly tried to remove the smut, and create a family friendly Search Term Sunday.

Well, let’s have no more of that! I say let’s shun the smut-less, and instead fully embrace the strangeness (and often inappropriate sexual nature) of the search terms that led people here this week.

gay corner time

I think that this book may be relevant to your interests. And you can handily download a PDF of it free here.

kaley cuoco fakes

Yvonne Strahovski (on the right), totally looks like a budget Kaley Cuoco:

wald disney porn

I assume you mean Walt, but do you really want pornographic images of this man?

Well do you?!

alyson hannigan feet and willow rosenberg feet


Oh, so many of the search terms are wrong…foot fetishism and bad spelling are just the tip of the iceberg.

buffy lesbian scenes

Lesbians and singing, what more could you want?

Well I guess you might want it in French instead…

american dad naked cartoon

Nudity isn’t a particularly strange state for Roger the alien. Carry on.

end of world porn

Have you seen 2012? Cos that’s actually a pretty good description of the film. (If you have concerns about the impending Apocalypse let Miss Penn soothe you with a list of books to read before the world ends.)

imagenes eroticas de disney

gaysexy hair

I recently bought this book, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Everyone should have a copy to flick through!


Well here’s a picture from her Maxim photoshoot, but I suggest you watch Love and Other Drugs. If you can stomach all the emotional whinging going on between the two main characters you’re rewarded with a barely clothed Katheryn frolicking around.

jensen y jared porno gay and manips porn

sarah michelle gellar lesbian

The kiss from Cruel Intentions:

sexy belle

hot gay pron sex sexy men


gay pony pics

The Supernatural boys go all My Little Pony. Via GlamourKat.

nudes on horseback

Lady Godiva painted by John Collier.

fairytall sex

Combine fairy Sookie and tall Eric, add a dash of sex, and I think you’ve got it.

holly short rule 34

There’s not an awful lot of Artemis Fowl porn, so you’ll have to settle for something tame:

By addictedtogerardway.

eliza dushku leather

snow white fan fiction porn

Check out

barbie als dean winchester

Dean Winchester, Barbie Girl:

buffy und spike sex

Hmm, it may be time to rewatch season six…

furry jailbait -“in cat years she’s well above the legal age”

pink’s lesbian kisses

spanking playpen

I think you’re in the right place.

slutty jensen ackles

So true.

supernatural fanfic julie benz jensen

Is there any? Look at how purdy these two are, even while being all sick and gross in ‘Faith’. Somebody go write some!

velma and daphne kiss

The lady lip action has either just finished or is about to begin, trust. If you don’t believe me you can petition hotrod5 for something more explicit.

is cody cummings in vampire diaries


big bang theory nipples

Howard tried to order a nipple of the slippery variety when Penny tried to improve her cocktail making skills:

kristin kreuk sperm

Ah, the perils of stealing men’s underwear.

women in corset from behind

disney porn collection! avatar,

What’s wrong with you?! Avatar isn’t a Disney film. Idiot.

sex photo of jensen ackles

Does anyone else get the impression that he’s really bad in bed?

disney pornografy and porono sex

You’re never going to achieve your dirty aims with spelling like that. Well you might with autocorrect, but you still ought to feel ashamed of yourself.

buffy the vampire slayer and philosophy: fear and trembling in sunnydale + free download

I have this! And may be prepared to lend it out. Neal King’s Brown Skirts essay is particularly well written.

liking a girls armpit

Ahh, armpit fetishism.

did jensen ackles get spanked as a child?

I have no idea but you can watch Jared smacking his butt in the Supernatural season 2 gag reel at the 6:46 mark:

fetish: chloroform & drunk & passed out men

You should watch ‘Accounting for Lawyers’. And all of Community obviously.

glee facebook fanfiction


pop culture easter eggs

Find the Dr Horrible DVD easter eggs and live a happy life.

cowboy spank

winchester brothers gay photoshop pictures

jasmine centaur

With bonus Belle and Ariel, from manony.

girly pictures of drugs and alcohol

hot pictures of angel’s baseball players for the ladies

les cheerleaders glee

This works if you were Frenchily asking for multiple cheerleaders, or looking for Glee‘s girl gays. Ta-da!

crap english breakfast

We don’t stand for that kind of stuff around here! Only the choicest bacon and eggs get past our lips.

alice in wonderland the porn adventures of alice

dean winchester hand

levis jeans commercials 1990s jared leto

Feeeeeeel the fromage:

barbie subliminal

You might just want to go read Living Dolls.

animals of farthing wood fanfic

Apparently a thing. I’m hoping a thing without sex.

penis unicorn

rule 34 firefly

How about we just look at Christina Hendricks (who played Yo-Saff-Bridge in Firefly) instead?

independence calvin and hobbes is it true?

Of course it’s true, have you not been receiving your Independence Day presents every year, regardless of nationality? You should write a strongly worded letter of complaint to Holiday Town and demand that you get them backdated.

adam brody hot

j. k. rowling tits

I assume that you were referring to those tits and not the intellectually challenged characters, like Harry and Ron, she created.

mr tickle is god

Sounds dirty.

gossip girl bler i cak


danneel ackles hot nude

future playmates

Personally I’d love Hugh Hefner to join us.

pop connection full songs 2010-2011 with st thomas` halliwell


man in hells

whedonesque burlesque

Yeah, that happened.

barbie masturbating

jensen ackles drinking with friends

That might explain this:

the internet is for porn

By jove, I think (s)he’s got it!

little red riding hood rule 34

You could read Red Riding Hood Uncloaked for a discussion of the sexual politics of the story. Or just watch the Amanda Seyfried film.

homoerotic cowboy

Ah yes, our cowboy mascots- Jensen and Jared.

why is there disney porn

Inquiring minds want to know.

jensen and jared looking at each other

my little pretty pretties kitten mattel

Quite possibly the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

doc martens with skirt

This would look better if the model cheered up a bit.

red smelly poison

The reality of The Matrix was a painful, poisonous truth. And I don’t imagine that it smelled particularly nice either.

the cast of sabrina the teenage witch in 2011

Well here’s a recent picture of Melissa Joan Hart, who’s busy being a mother, actress and candy shop owner:

happy sunday

Danke, and the same to you.

In fact that seems to be a good note to leave on. So do enjoy your Sunday- and if the weather isn’t fantastic you can always entertain yourself by searching for weird shit on the internet. Be warned though, it’s only a matter of time before you end up back here. Clearly.

3 thoughts on “Shun-day

  1. utter filth! cannot read this at work. also, insulted I wasn’t the picture for “gaysexy hair”. Sad face.

    • It’s true, I should have NSFW stamped on my forehead. I thought you had “straightsexy” or “James Potter” hair now?

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