Sweets for my sweet

Confession time. It’s the wee hours of Monday morning, I have an early start and I am already waay behind with everything, least of all Search Term Sunday!

Mostly because of good things though. Half of my immediate family arrived from far and away on Saturday, which meant lots of hugging and spoiling with non-far-and-away cuisine. (My little sister is marveling over cheese that doesn’t taste like yak.) This past week has been a game of catch up, as I’ve recently returned from the US of A, where I watched my oldest friend get married and then spent a week getting to see New York through the eyes of a little girl. Much of today has been consumed by hanging with aforementioned family members and doing battle with Facebook so all the wedding guests can enjoy the memories before the glow wears off.

So I’ve decided to make this STS short and sweet, emphasis on the sweet. I was wondering how to best prune this week’s choice smut, and then realised cutting out the smut would be the fastest way to streamline. As well as maintain my wholesome marriage-and-baby-carriages outlook for a little bit longer, with the added bonus of demonstrating that people sometimes have totally innocent Google-routes to PCP. I hope you won’t be too disappointed!

breakfast to make for someone who just got their braces

This is so considerate. Anything soft and without little bits like seeds would be good, I’d imagine. There are some recipes here.

dolls that carry muffins

Oh thank you SO MUCH for reminding me about these Cupcakes Dolls! They were amazing, and smelled good enough to eat. I’m pretty sure I licked and nibbled on mine as a child. Which may be why my parents stopped buying me them.

polly pocket wannabe

I consider modern Polly Pocket to be a wannabe version of her former tinier, choking hazard self. But Lucy Locket is totally another wannabe, and probably the prototype for PP’s oversized incarnation.

mickey mouse angel

mickey mouse cake for zachary 

Highly specific but a thing, apparently! Lucky Zachary!

ivy 90210 evening wear

Lady in red. She’s one of Miss Day’s favourite TV fashionistas.

i love my little sarah fore ever from vincent 

I don’t know who either of these people are, but I’m sure Sarah would appreciate this winged heart.

how i met your mother gym robin 

Robin is awesome. I completely approve of her not-hotting up for working out. I don’t get gym bunnies.

tangled – when mother gothel brushes her hair 

My favourite bit of Tangled!! The adorable baby Rapunzel getting her hair brushed by Mother Gothel and asking why she’s not allowed outside. Sadly I can’t find a video clip… you’ll just have to watch the film yourself.

cowboys and centaurs 

Why isn’t this the big summer blockbuster? Aliens are so passe.

handsome cowboys

Oh, go on then…

convention supernatural 2011

See y’all there!

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