Sunday Sunday

It’s Sunday. The day of learning. And sun.

Super freaks

Who needs freak shows any more, they’re everywhere. And a lot of people are looking for them on the internet. If you’re one them you may be Karl Pilkington. Or possibly Dean Pelton.

The cast system

The caste system is a complex and elaborate social str… oh wait, the cast system? Not a real thing. Learn to spell. Meanwhile here’s the cast of Damages (and the new season starts Wednesday week).

Sunny Sundays are here again

Happily, this is true.

Sadly, it seems this doesn’t please everyone…

Rainy Sundays

Who WANTS to find rainy Sundays? This is how you get bad karma.

Easy like sunday evening

Only true if you’re a student or unemployed. A lot of people, then. Or if you have tiger for a best friend.

Return of the Carnivàle

I wish.

A lie, arse

outdated portal jokes?

спанкинг гарри поттер

I don’t know what it means and don’t have the motivation to find out. Just adding a little multiculturalism.

Movie teeth

It’s a serious condition.

Naked Penis

As opposed to the ones in costumes?

Supernatural Clown

Supernatural is a tv show. So is House. Hugh Laurie would be an evil clown.

Dead man on screen

“Drag your wagon and plow over the bones of the dead.”

It’s a kind of magic

No it isn’t. Harry Potter isn’t real.  

Taking back sunday taking back sunday

No. One of them is bad enough.

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