O Canadia

Happy Canada Day if you’re celebrating! And if not, why not go hang out with some nice, polite Canadians and guzzle maple syrup by the gallon anyway?

To get you in the celebratory mood here’s one of my favourite pop culture moments featuring the Canadian national anthem, from the West Wing episode ‘Dead Irish Writers’. It’d be a fabulous episode even without the random perving, but that’s just the icing on the cake:

Tell us all about your favourite Canadian characters, actors, moments and so forth in the comments. I have a sneaking suspicion that How I Met Your Mother‘s Robin might feature quite a lot. She’s just so sparkly.

4 thoughts on “O Canadia

    • All quality picks! I’m rather partial to Yvette (aka CIndy), the Canadian housekeeper in Wonderfalls as well.

  1. Did you know Queer as folk US had to e filmed in Canada as they werent allowed to do it in the US? also, very informative wikipeadia link.

    • I did not know that! I’ve never actually seen the US version of Queer as Folk, must get on that!

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