Rainy sundays

Hello dear PCP fans!

HAPPY SUNDAY! I am Ms Elaine E. Ouse- Miss Thropist’s little sister- and I am writing my very first Search Term Sunday in celebration of  Miss Thropist’s birthday!  As it’s her birthday I am giving her the day off. That’s just the kind of great little sister I am.

Oh, I can’t lie to you. It’s not really her birthday. The Queen gets two birthdays, right? Is that true? My sister would know. Anyhow, my my you search for shocking things. What is wrong with you people? I love you anyway, you awful humans (no judgement). Ok, let’s go…

homer eat

Also works for the person who searched for National Doughnut Week 2011, which the pop culture queens celebrated by writing really difficult quizzes.

Mayor McCheese

Never to miss a chance to complain about Boris Johnson: Boris is crap.

Now that we’ve covered that, for some reason 84  searches for Mayor McCheese led people to PCP this week.

I have just learned that Mayor McCheese is a Family Guy character. Whilst writing that I typed Family Gay, which reminded me to congratulate soon-to-be-playmate, Dr Ella Mentary, who passed her gay test yesterday and can not put away her rainbow L-plates.

I can’t find a picture of a rainbow L-plate! Not a thing. Yet.

Fat Disney Princess, Snow White Evil Queen Porn, and Disney Porn 

If you’d asked me yesterday I would have said that the internet was a good thing.

Unless,  in response to the Fat Disney Princess searcher, you’re looking for role models with different body shapes, in which case you should be allowed the internet-  please see the campaign for real beauty. And stay away from Disney.

Shane L Word

Something that doesn’t make me angry. I bet she passed her gay test with full marks.


Makes the world go round.

Everybody refer to Cafe Disaster, the blog of playmate Twisted Barista, the lady who takes her rage from her job in ‘Starsmucks’, and works through it by retelling, mocking and singing. Comes with caffeine. And despair.

Kurt from Glee, Teeth Movie

Two things that are wonderful.

Kurt’s teeth.

broken high heels

Ooh somebody found PCP through trying to research fixing their shoes.

Sometimes I feel like a broken high heel.

Men in heels

Spike and Angel kiss

Oh wow! How beautifully confusing.

A kind of magic cartoon

More magic than Disney? How magic-greedy are you? Weird.

Ms Barista feels that magic in cartoons is always evil. It’s sad.

Important video clip: 

out of the closet

you look very shane today

It’s you’re looking very shane today, and yes, yes I am.

Эмили Браунинг

Drawing a blank

Brighton lesbians

Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

The bunny book playboy

I am not tricking you

ursula is my favorite disney villain she should have a movie named after her (searched for twice)

I don’t really remember this- might be time to watch it again. Or maybe I will ask Ms Penn.

sexy naked nerd gay

You I like. As you were. Carry on.

naked gay vampire, innocent pakistani girls and jensen ackles cock

It seems that this site frequently distracts people from their masturbating.

Is this is the modern form of reading porn for the articles?


jensen ackles de cowboy

Always end with your mascot. Thats my motto. Always end with your motto.

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