You came in with the breeze on Sunday morning…

The random things that people have typed into google to find this site have been wafting along all week, and amusing the hell out of us. Join me in the eye of the storm as I examine- and mock- this lot.

jensen ackles cowboysexy jensen ackles and dean supernatural cowboy

Our mascot cowboy Jensen can take care of those:

But sadly not jensen ackles naked, naked jensen ackles, nude jensen acklesjensen ackles and jared padalecki naked, jensen ackles porn, jensen ackles gay porn, jensen ackles fotos pornos or jensen ackles nude.

jensen ackles penis and jensen  ackles dick

Ah the Smallville promo bulge picture:

google jokes

The internet is full of funnies, including many meta web wisecracks:

dragon foto and dragon photos

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but there’s not much photographic evidence of these mythical creatures. Have a nice picture of a dragon to cheer you up:

jensen ackles unicorn

At the recent Asylum 6 convention Jensen mentioned that his wife Danneel showed him a unicorn manip of him. And that’s why she’s my favourite Ackles.

dead like mason

Inspired by this Dead Like Me character in terms of how to kill yourself? Don’t worry it’s pretty simple, you just have to drill a hole in your head:

spike and angel kiss

Those comics are smutty! And…kinda gay.

centaur porn

I don’t even want to know. That’s way weirder than unicorn manips. Clearly.

nathan fillion wife

Well Amy Acker played his missing one in the criminally truncated show Drive:

disney punk

Via nicodema:

gatsby/nick fanfiction slash

Check the Great Gatsby fanfic archive here.

http://www.cinderella, aurora , snow white, ariel , belle, pocahontas, jasmine, mulan,

Not it.

2011 jared padelicki photos

I think you’ll find it’s Pada-lick-me.

danneel ackles feet

Girl has good taste in shoes:

supernatural hot gay

A show can never have enough Mark Shepherd.

damaged high heels

It happens to the best of us.

jewish guys with top hats

I refer you to Tur-mohl’s Evil League of Evil application:

sleeping real beauties

A version of the scene featuring real life people anyway, photographed by Annie Leibovitz:

disneys merrid.

…to terrible spelling?

sheldon cooper naked

Jim Parsons gets nearly nude for charity:

hevy masterbation chest change

It’s supposed to put hair on your palm, not your chest, and nothing’s supposed to be spelt like that.

vilains disney hot medusa


squid ravaging the geisha mad men

I do not trust those things…

e4 skins encourages disobedience form children

Apparently the show might be a bad influence, I don’t get it.

barbie sex toys

It seems like no one’s cashed in on the idea of a Barbie vibrator yet, but there’s clearly a demand:

lesbian unicorn queen

I assume she farts super sparkly rainbows.

porn disney people

Well of course there’s porn of it:

supernatural convention

Looks like fun to me!

the seven princess

Since you didn’t specify which princesses, I assumed that you wanted the smart ones:

bree walkers fuck up hands please

She has ectrodactyly, and you have a fucked up version of civility.

michelle williams tried it in private lesbian

People say the darndest things in Maxim interviews!

buffy “heroin” addict fanfic

The internet really does have everything.

That doesn’t mean that we have everything on this site…but we certainly do have a fabulous collection of mesmerizing searches sending people our way.

Good day to you all!

2 thoughts on “You came in with the breeze on Sunday morning…

  1. I’m glad that even those our search terms have been taking a sinister turn, you still were able to treat us the the Jensen Unicorn and all manner of only slightly risque images!

  2. I’m hoping that the whole thing will encourage people to make more Jenicorn manips, and we have an excuse to post them every Sunday…or even every day!

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