Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter Sunday y’all!

I must admit that Easter celebrations have never really made all that sense to me, but if you’re into pretending that rabbits lay eggs and enjoy hunting for melted chocolates in apparently unlikely places then I hope you have an enjoyable time doing so.

The stuff that I’ve been searching for- silly search terms- are far easier to find. It’s much like looking for hay in a haystack, as soon as you take a look at the searches people have performed in order to bring them to this site you’re sucked into a wildly weird world.

Let’s give it a whirl:

jensen ackles cowboy

Have you seen the ‘Frontierland’ episode of Supernatural yet? You neeeeeed to, it’s chock full of our mascot, Cowboy Jensen, and comes complete with plenty of cowboy Jared:

It also fulfills: jensen ackles porn, jensen ackles sexy, teen cowboys (ish), jensen ackles cowboy pictures, jared padalecki cowboy, sexy gay cowboy, jared padalecki cowboy style, cowboy gay hot, jensen ackles, jensen ackles as a cowboy, jensen ackles cheekbonessupernatural – the chemistry is off the scale between jared and jensengo west with the winchesters supernatural and j2 jensen.

lonely disney princess

Poor dears:

girl with the best ass

I’m not sure about that girl, but her pet ass seems positively adorable.

mouse licking glass

Technically I think that may be a hamster but googlers, like beggars, can’t be choosers.

gay spank bank material

I think that this site may be relevant to your interests.

used a high heel to make

To make what? You can certainly use them to make mashed up feet…

eva mendes nail biting

True story.

lesbian pink gloss lips kissing

But why apply lipgloss before making out with someone? It’s only going to get smudged. Those lesbians are crazy.

dean sam winchester burger

Dean Winchester is definitely a burger fan, Sam on the other hand is more likely to be seen with a salad shaker. Cos he’s a giant woman.

chandler bing rose rabbit

How Easter-ly appropriate! As were the search terms chandler dressed like a pink rabbitfriends, chandler, bunny suit and dressed like a rabbit.

korean wonder: the wonder girls

The pinnacle of K-pop:

style chuck bass 2011

Stylish, and moody, as ever:

“snow white” “wicked queen” kinky

Surely it’s a little early to be searching for slutty Hallowe’en outfits?

dean winchester laugh

Dean’s extreme dorkiness and tendency to laugh at his own jokes, in this case “I’m a posse magnet”, is possibly my favourite thing about his character.

want to down loadshort cartoon stroy

You might have better luck if you learn to type.

bones rule 34

Argh, I think I might need to bleach my brain my remove the image of these David Boreanaz manips.

jason segel feet

It’s surprisingly hard to find pictures of his feet, despite his nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But you can see him in sandals in the poster:

kristen bell’s ass in couples retreat scenes

Speaking of people who were in Forgetting Sarah Marshall… Kristen Bell in bikinis seems to be de rigueur of late.

japanese cartoons anime hunk

They look like they belong in a bad 1980s movie… As does the word “hunk”.

men dressed as brides

barbie photography

Possibly the photography is happening because barbie loves pop culture?

debbie thornberry rule 34

The porn is definitely out there, but I’ll settle for a booby- and strangely knobbly kneed- Debbie instead.

meels heels

Everyone loves a good portmanteau, especially when it refers to men in heels, even if it’s used in a redundant fashion.

princesses disney jasmine de different physique

Via TubbyToon on deviantart.

nerd glasses belle disney

Oh those hipster princesses…

angel and spike puppets

In many ways, the greatest things ever.

anne rice how old

69, definitely. See I have this amazing ability to look at people and accurately guess their age, I really should be working for a carnival. (I’m also capable of checking Wikipedia, which I guess helps.)

where does gina bellman live?

At first this seemed like a creepy, stalky question but then I thought about it and it seemed a bit more reasonable- she is a British actress who works on an American TV show (Leverage). This article states that she’s based in the US for filming for most of the year, and that she grew up in New Zealand and North London.

james masters early photos

About as early as they come…

wing fics supernatural

Recs, from way back before the angels appeared.

young girl and her bike

Misha Collins’ short film Stranger Danger doesn’t actually feature a bike, but it does have the kind of cute little girl who looks like she should have a bike. And it’s fabulous. So-

pop culture playpen

I really hope you’re not here by accident.

jason segel teenage photos

He played teenage Nick Andopolis in Freaks and Geeks and I think he was around 19, which is technically still one of the teen ages:

cindy barbie pop

It’s a Cyndi Lauper Barbie!

natali marmion eds asks with grace whats the number one thing you do that sets you apart from the average news woman ? whats makes you better then all the others you are in a very nice position how did you get there?


porn pussy masturbate ass dick hole sex

Possibly overkill?

anime blowing nose

The cute kind of snot.

j2 firefly au

Rule 26? Well it’s a J2 AU in space anyway.

comical old men

The grumpier the better:

notebook paper texture

Quite possibly the dullest search term ever, which is an impressive achievement. Of a sort.

rule 34 google and google porn

jensen ackles eyebrows

Apparently his eyebrows cause spontaneous giggling:

wingman in popular culture

We’re probably talking about Barney, but I did have some other suggestions.

burroughs use drugs, addiction, and “junk” as a means for exploring desire and the urge to control?

Again, we’re not going to answer your essay questions for you. I wrote about baaaaaare addicts here though.

how do i feel what do i say

In the end it all goes away.


ackles naked

Danneel Ackles (nee Harris) in Ten Inch Hero:

i sold my soul to sam winchester

Was it while Lucifer was inhabiting his body? Cos that happened in a future timeline that never actually occurred, so I think you’re probably safe.

playpen porn magazin

I could try to deny it, but it is pretty much true.

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